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Pharmacodynamic and Pharmacokinetic Profiles of Sacubitril/Valsartan (LCZ696) in Patients with Heart Failure and Reduced Ejection Fraction
Treatment with LCZ696 for 21 days was well tolerated and resulted in plasma biomarker changes indicative of neprilysin and RAAS inhibition in patients with HF, comparable to that observed in the pivotal Phase III study. Expand
Gut Microbiota in Patients with Different Metabolic Statuses: Moscow Study
The results show that there is a relationship between metabolic changes and higher representation of opportunistic pathogens and low diversity of gut microbiota even in apparently healthy participants. Expand
Twenty-Four-Hour Ambulatory Pulse Wave Analysis in Hypertension Management: Current Evidence and Perspectives
There is no sufficient evidence to support the clinical use of PWA over the 24 h in ambulatory conditions at the moment, and long-term outcome studies are needed to show the predictive value of 24-h PWV, CAP, and AIx values, provided by these devices, over and beyond peripheral blood pressure. Expand
Ambulatory blood pressure and arterial stiffness web‐based telemonitoring in patients at cardiovascular risk. First results of the VASOTENS (Vascular health ASsessment Of The hypertENSive patients)
The results suggest that ambulatory pulse wave analysis in a daily life setting may help evaluate vascular health of individuals at risk for CV disease. Expand
Validation of the TM-2564G device for in-hospital blood pressure measurement
The TM-2564G device achieved A/A British Hypertension Society grade and can be recommended for in-hospital measurement of blood pressure. Expand
Effects of metabolic syndrome on arterial function in different age groups: the Advanced Approach to Arterial Stiffness study
This large European multicentre study reveals a differential impact of MetS and age onCAVI and CF-PWV and suggests that age may have a more pronounced effect on CAVI, whereas MetS increases CF- PWV but not CAVI. Expand
Pharmacokinetics of serelaxin in patients with hepatic impairment: a single-dose, open-label, parallel group study.
The PK and safety profile of serelaxin were not affected by hepatic impairment, and no dose adjustment is needed for se Relaxin treatment of 48 h i.v. infusion in patients with hepatic impaired. Expand
Comorbidities in clinical practice. Algorithms for diagnostics and treatment
Vascular Health Assessment of The Hypertensive Patients (VASOTENS) Registry: Study Protocol of an International, Web-Based Telemonitoring Registry for Ambulatory Blood Pressure and Arterial Stiffness
The results of the VASOTENS Registry will help define the normalcy thresholds for current and future indices derived from 24-hour PWA, according to outcome data, and will also provide supporting evidence for the inclusion of this type of evaluation in hypertension management. Expand