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Phase-noise-compensated optical frequency domain reflectometry with measurement range beyond laser coherence length realized using concatenative reference method.
A novel type of optical frequency domain reflectometry with a measurement range much longer than the laser coherence length is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. To reduce the influence ofExpand
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Long Range and cm-Level Spatial Resolution Measurement Using Coherent Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry With SSB-SC Modulator and Narrow Linewidth Fiber Laser
This paper describes coherent optical frequency domain reflectometry (C-OFDR) with cm-level spatial resolution over 5 km. We propose the use of a single sideband with a suppressed carrier (SSB-SC)Expand
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Ultra high dynamic range coherent optical time domain reflectometry employing frequency division multiplexing
We present coherent OTDR employing frequency division multiplexing and frequency demultiplexing by software processing. We improved a 5-dB dynamic range against conventional coherent OTDR, andExpand
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Phase-Noise-Compensated Optical Frequency-Domain Reflectometry
The theory of phase-noise-compensated optical frequency-domain reflectometry (PNC-OFDR), a novel type of optical frequency-domain reflectometry (OFDR) with a measurement range much longer than theExpand
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High-Sensitivity Coherent Optical Time Domain Reflectometry Employing Frequency-Division Multiplexing
This paper proposes a novel parallel detection scheme for enhancing the sensitivity of coherent optical time domain reflectometry (C-OTDR). The proposed scheme is based on frequency-divisionExpand
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Field Trials of PNC-OFDR in Different Environments for Detecting Short Beat Lengths
A spatial resolution of 10 cm was obtained for distances of 60~80 km in different field environments using phase-noise-compensated optical frequency domain reflectometry. The outstanding spatialExpand
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Individual fault location in PON using pulsed pump-probe Brillouin analysis
A novel fault location technique for passive optical networks (PONs) that employs Brillouin gain analysis is presented. This method can measure the optical loss distribution of individual branchedExpand
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Highly sensitive detection of microbending in single-mode fibers and its applications.
This paper investigates the applicability of 1-μm-band mode-detection optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR), which detects microbending in single-mode fibers with high sensitivity by conductingExpand
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Effective Mode Field Diameter for LP11 Mode and Its Measurement Technique
The effective mode field diameter (MFD) for the second-order (LP11) mode in two-mode fibers is determined to allow estimation of the coupling efficiencies at a splice with axial misalignment.Expand
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