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Altered expression of microRNA miR-146a correlates with the development of chronic renal inflammation.
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are highly conserved small non-coding RNAs that act as post-transcriptional regulators of target mRNA. In this study, we sought to identify the microRNA underlying localExpand
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Species-independent detection of RNA virus by representational difference analysis using non-ribosomal hexanucleotides for reverse transcription
A method for the isolation of genomic fragments of RNA virus based on cDNA representational difference analysis (cDNA RDA) was developed. cDNA RDA has been applied for the subtraction of poly(A)+Expand
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Cellular expression of murine Ym1 and Ym2, chitinase family proteins, as revealed by in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry
Ym is one of the chitinase family proteins, which are widely distributed in mammalian bodies and can bind glycosaminoglycans such as heparin/heparan sulfate. Ym1 is a macrophage protein produced inExpand
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Immunoglobulin (Ig)-containing plasma cells in the Harderian gland in broiler and native chickens of Bangladesh.
The distribution and frequency of immunoglobulin (Ig)-containing plasma cells, their variations due to sex, and the mode of secretion of Ig cells into the duct system of the Harderian gland wasExpand
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Differential Cellular Expression of Galectin Family mRNAs in the Epithelial Cells of the Mouse Digestive Tract
Galectin is an animal lectin that recognizes β-galactosides of glycoconjugates and is abundant in the gut. This study revealed the cellular expression of galectin subtypes throughout the mouseExpand
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Intracellular localization and antiviral property of canine Mx proteins.
Mx is an interferon (IFN)-induced protein that shows antiviral activities against RNA viruses. We examined an expression of mRNA, an intracellular localization of protein, and an antiviral propertyExpand
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Are there M cells in the cecal tonsil of chickens?
A unique morphological cell type, "microfold or membranous (M) cell-like cell", was detected electron-microscopically in the cecal tonsil epithelium of the chicken. M cell-like cells possessed a fewExpand
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Molecular dynamics of the blood–testis barrier components during murine spermatogenesis
The blood–testis barrier (BTB) separates the seminiferous epithelium into the adluminal and basal compartments. During murine spermatogenesis, preleptotene/leptotene spermatocytes migrate from theExpand
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Lymphocyte subpopulations in the mammary gland of the goat.
Mammary glands of pregnant, lactating and resting goats were studied by immunohistochemistry for lymphocyte subpopulations using a panel of monoclonal antibodies. All T lymphocyte subpopulations thatExpand
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Differences in spermatogenesis in cryptorchid testes among various strains of mice.
The purpose of the study reported here was to define strain differences in spermatogenesis in cryptorchid testes in mice. Mice of strains A/J, BALB/c, CBA/N, C3H/He, C57BL/6 (B6), ddY and ICR wereExpand
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