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Structural requirements of lipid A responsible for the functions: a study with chemically synthesized lipid A and its analogues.
To confirm the revised lipid A structure of Escherichia coli and to establish the structure responsible for its functions, biological activities of the synthetic compounds based on the presentedExpand
Biological activities of analogues of lipid A based chemically on the revised structural model. Comparison of mediator-inducing, immunomodulating and endotoxic activities.
The analogue, (beta-1,6)-linked glucosamine disaccharide carrying ester-bound 3-hydroxytetradecanoic acids at 3 and 3' position of reducing and nonreducing glucosamines, showed much stronger activities for mediator inducing and immunomodulating as well as endotoxic activities than those exhibited by the previously synthesized analogues based on the old model. Expand
Biological activities of chemically synthesized analogues of the nonreducing sugar moiety of lipid A
Biological activities of five synthetic lipid A analogues (D‐glucosamine derivatives) were examined to elucidate the structure required for expression of the biological activities of endotoxin and show that the 4‐O‐phosphoryl and N‐tetradecanoyloxytetrade canoyl groups are important for expression. Expand
Effects of backbone structures and stereospecificities of lipid A-subunit analogues on their biological activities.
Results clearly demonstrate that mediator-inducing activities and B cell activation activities can be selectively expressed by modifying the structures of lipid A analogues. Expand
Regions of the lipopolysaccharide of Pseudomonas aeruginosa essential for antitumor and interferon-inducing activities.
Results indicate that both the lipid A portion and covalently linked polysaccharide are necessary for the inhibition of ascites tumor development, whereas incomplete lipid A with amide-linked fatty acids is sufficient to induce interferon in vitro. Expand
Interferon-inducing, pyrogenic and proclotting enzyme of horseshoe crab activation activities of chemically synthesized lipid A analogues.
None of the analogues exhibited significant pyrogenicity nor proclotting enzyme of horseshoe crab activation activity under the conditions employed in this study. Expand
[Immunizing property of vaccinia virus inactivated by ultraviolets rays].
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  • 1 October 1954