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Optical Solitons: From Fibers to Photonic Crystals
Preface 1. Introduction 2. Spatial Solitons 3. Temporal Solitons 4. Dark Solitons 5. Bragg Solitons 6. Two-Dimensional Solitons 7. Spatiotemporal Solitons 8. Vortex Solitons 9. Vector Solitons 10.Expand
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The Frenkel-Kontorova Model: Concepts, Methods, and Applications
1 Introduction.- 2 Physical Models.- 3 Kinks.- 4 Breathers.- 5 Ground State.- 6 Statistical Mechanics.- 7 Thermalized Dynamics.- 8 Driven Dynamics.- 9 Ratchets.- 10 Finite-Length Chain.- 11Expand
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Fano resonances in nanoscale structures
Modern nanotechnology allows one to scale down various important devices (sensors, chips, fibers, etc.) and thus opens up new horizons for their applications. The efficiency of most of them is basedExpand
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Dynamics of Solitons in Nearly Integrable Systems
A detailed survey of the technique of perturbation theory for nearly integrable systems, based upon the inverse scattering transform, and a minute account of results obtained by means of thatExpand
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The Frenkel-Kontorova Model
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Optical vortices and vortex solitons
  • Y. Kivshar
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • SPIE Optics + Photonics
  • 2 August 2004
Optical vortices are phase singularities in electromagnetic waves that constitute a unique and fascinating class of phenomena within the context of the physics of light. We present a brief overviewExpand
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Optically resonant dielectric nanostructures
A clear approach to nanophotonics The resonant modes of plasmonic nanoparticle structures made of gold or silver endow them with an ability to manipulate light at the nanoscale. However, owing to theExpand
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Fano resonances in photonics
The importance of the Fano resonance concept is recognized across multiple fields of physics. In this Review, Fano resonance is explored in the context of optics, with particular emphasis onExpand
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Nonlinear dynamics of the Frenkel–Kontorova model
An overview of the dynamics of one of the fundamental models of low-dimensional nonlinear physics, the Frenkel–Kontorova (FK) model, is presented. In its simplest form, the FK model describes theExpand
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Tailoring directional scattering through magnetic and electric resonances in subwavelength silicon nanodisks.
Interference of optically induced electric and magnetic modes in high-index all-dielectric nanoparticles offers unique opportunities for tailoring directional scattering and engineering the flow ofExpand
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