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Wastewater treatment performance of a filtration bio-reactor equipped with a mesh as a filter material
Abstract The mesh filtration bio-reactor (MFBR) was equipped with a nylon mesh as filter material instead of a microfiltration membrane in a membrane bio-reactor. Laboratory scale MFBRs were used for
Rejection properties of alkyl phthalates with nanofiltration membranes
Abstract We have examined the rejection properties of nanofiltration (NF) membranes for alkyl phthalates and other solutes such as mono-substituted benzenes, alcohols, and saccharides. In this study,
The binding energetics of first- and second-generation HIV-1 protease inhibitors: implications for drug design.
The results indicate that the effectiveness of this inhibitor against the resistant mutant is related to two factors: extremely high affinity against the wild type achieved by combining favorable enthalpic and entropic interactions, and a mild effect of the protease mutation due to the presence of flexible structural elements at critical locations in the inhibitor molecule.
Acidogenic fermentation of blended food‐waste in combination with primary sludge for the production of volatile fatty acids
The performance of a laboratory-scale anaerobic acidogenic fermenter fed with a mixture of blended kitchen food-waste and primary sludge from a sewage treatment plant was investigated for the
NPI-2358 is a tubulin-depolymerizing agent: in-vitro evidence for activity as a tumor vascular-disrupting agent
The data show that NPI-2358 is a potent anti-tumor agent which is active in MDR tumor cell lines, and is able to rapidly induce tubulin depolymerization and monolayer permeability in HUVECs.