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Identification of Deoxynivalenol- and Nivalenol-Producing Chemotypes of Gibberella zeae by Using PCR
ABSTRACT Gibberella zeae, a major cause of cereal scab, may be divided into two chemotypes based on production of the trichothecenes deoxynivalenol (DON) and nivalenol (NIV). We cloned and sequencedExpand
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Intercalated cell subtypes in connecting tubule and cortical collecting duct of rat and mouse.
At least two populations of intercalated cells, type A and type B, exist in the connecting tubule (CNT), initial collecting tubule (ICT), and cortical collecting duct (CCD). Type A intercalated cellsExpand
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Determinants of Staphylococcusaureus Nasal Carriage
ABSTRACT Nasal carriage of Staphylococcusaureus has been identified as a risk factor for community-acquired and nosocomial infections. We screened 230 donors of diverse ethnic and socioeconomicExpand
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A DNA microarray survey of gene expression in normal human tissues
BackgroundNumerous studies have used DNA microarrays to survey gene expression in cancer and other disease states. Comparatively little is known about the genes expressed across the gamut of normalExpand
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Structural Changes Associated with Resistance of Soybean to Heterodera glycines.
Subcellular responses to infection by Race 3 of Heterodera glycines in susceptible ('Lee') and resistant ('Forrest' and 'Bedford') soybean cultivars were compared. Syncytial formation, initiated inExpand
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A Genome-Wide Screen for Promoter Methylation in Lung Cancer Identifies Novel Methylation Markers for Multiple Malignancies
Background Promoter hypermethylation coupled with loss of heterozygosity at the same locus results in loss of gene function in many tumor cells. The “rules” governing which genes are methylatedExpand
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Differential expression of senescence-associated mRNAs during leaf senescence induced by different senescence-inducing factors in Arabidopsis
Four cDNA clones, named pSEN2, pSEN3, pSEN4, and pSEN5, for mRNAs induced during leaf senescence in Arabidopsis thaliana were characterized. The clones were isolated from a cDNA library of detachedExpand
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Characterization and Expression of Calpain 10
Calpains are calcium-dependent intracellular nonlysosomal proteases that are believed to hydrolyze specific substrates important in calcium-regulated signaling pathways. Recently, an atypical memberExpand
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Cell proliferation in the loop of henle in the developing rat kidney.
In the developing rat kidney, there is no separation of the medulla into an outer and inner zone. At the time of birth, ascending limbs with immature distal tubule epithelium are present throughoutExpand
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[Development of a critical thinking disposition scale for nursing students].
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to develop a critical thinking disposition scale for nursing students. METHOD The developmental process was construction of a conceptual framework, developmentExpand
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