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Management of uterine bleeding by PGs or their synthesis inhibitors.
Based on the assumption that excess prostaglandins (PGS) of E type (vasodilators and inhibitors of platelet aggregation) may be involved in excessive bleeding due to IUDs, PG synthetase inhibitorsExpand
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Clinicopathological studies on neurectomy in equids.
Clinical and pathological changes following neurectomy were studied experimentally in 46 male and female equids. Sixty-three operations were performed using either the traditional or the FackelmanExpand
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[Onchocerca raillieti n.sp. (Filarioidea) from a domestic donkey in Africa].
Onchocerca raillieti sp. n. (Filarioidea), from the domestic donkey (Equus asinus) in Africa, is described. The species is compared to O. bohmi (Supperer, 1953) n.comb, O. reticulata Diesing, 1841,Expand
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[Salivary secretion (flow rate and pH) in ovine ruminal acidosis].
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Effect of heat on uterine contractions during normal labor
The effect of local application of heat on the abdominal wall on uterine activity was evaluated in 15 full‐term multiparous women early in the first stage of labor. Cardiotocographic monitoringExpand
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Ocular histoplasmosis due to Histoplasma farciminosum in Egyptian donkeys
Summary. In this study 19 donkeys suffering from face excoriations below the medial canthas and lesions in the lacrymal apparatus were subjected to clinical radiological and microbiologicalExpand
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Urinary hormonal profile during the first cycle of low-dose oral contraceptive pills in women.
Ovarian function was studied in ten normal fertile women before and during the first cycle on a low-dose micropill containing 30 mcg ethinyl estradiol and 150 mcg L-norgestrel. In a control cycle andExpand
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Angiographic appearance of the metacarpus, phalanges and foot of the donkey.
Summary The angiographic features of the metacarpus, phalanges and foot of 20 donkeys was studied. The normal foot was characterized by complete filling of the terminal arch which gave off 12–14Expand
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Effect of Norplant implants on the pituitary-adrenal axis function and reserve capacity.
The present work investigated the effects of Norplant implants on the pituitary-adrenal function among 15 users of Norplant implants prior to and 6 months after insertion of the implants. SerumExpand
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