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Landau–Zener transitions in qubits controlled by electromagnetic fields
We investigate the influence of a dipole interaction with a classical radiation field on a qubit during a continuous change of a control parameter. In particular, we explore the non-adiabaticExpand
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Lattice relaxation in Auger decay-free core luminescence
Abstract A simple two-band model is proposed to analyze the emission spectra of the Auger decay-free core luminescence. The initial state is assumed as being a self-trapped state of the hole in theExpand
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Gauging a quantum heat bath with dissipative Landau-Zener transitions.
We calculate the exact Landau-Zener transition probabilities for a qubit with an arbitrary linear coupling to a bath at zero temperature. The final quantum state exhibits a peculiar entanglementExpand
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Dissipative Landau-Zener transitions of a qubit: Bath-specific and universal behavior
We study Landau-Zener transitions in a qubit coupled to a bath at zero temperature. A general formula that is applicable to models with a nondegenerate ground state is derived. We calculate exactExpand
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Time-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Dissociating 1,2-Butadiene Molecules by High Harmonic Pulses.
Using 42 nm high harmonic pulses, the dissociation dynamics of 1,2-butadiene was investigated by time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (TRPES), enabling us to observe dynamical changes of multipleExpand
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Recoil effect of photoelectrons in the Fermi edge of simple metals.
High energy resolution photoelectron spectroscopy of conduction electrons in the vicinity of the Fermi edge in Al and Au at excitation energies of 880 and 7940 eV was carried out using synchrotronExpand
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Coherent destruction of tunneling, dynamic localization, and the Landau-Zener formula
We clarify the internal relationship between the coherent destruction of tunneling (CDT) for a two-state model and the dynamic localization (DL) for a one-dimensional tight-binding model, under theExpand
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Nonadiabatic transition at a level crossing with dissipation
A comprehensive investigation of the transition dynamics of a level-crossing system with quantum dissipation is carried out for the Landau-Zener model coupled with a system of phonons. AnalyticalExpand
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Comparison of recoil effects in graphite as observed by photoemission, electron scattering, and neutron scattering
Received 21 April 2008; revised manuscript received 25 May 2008; published 2 July 2008Recoil effects have been observed for neutron and electron scatterings, and in photoemission. In all caseshighlyExpand
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Quantum state preparation in circuit QED via Landau-Zener tunneling
We study a qubit undergoing Landau-Zener transitions enabled by the coupling to a circuit-QED mode. Summing an infinite-order perturbation series, we determine the exact nonadiabatic transitionExpand
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