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The calanolides, a novel HIV-inhibitory class of coumarin derivatives from the tropical rainforest tree, Calophyllum lanigerum.
Eight new coumarin compounds (1-8) were isolated by anti-HIV bioassay-guided fractionation of an extract of Calophyllum lanigerum. The structures of calanolide A (1), 12-acetoxycalanolide A (2),Expand
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Suppressors of cancer cell proliferation from fig (Ficus carica) resin: isolation and structure elucidation.
A mixture of 6-O-acyl-beta-D-glucosyl-beta-sitosterols, the acyl moeity being primarily palmitoyl and linoleyl with minor amounts of stearyl and oleyl, has been isolated as a potent cytotoxic agentExpand
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Illimaquinone, a selective inhibitor of the RNase H activity of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 reverse transcriptase.
We studied the effect of the natural marine substance illimaquinone on the catalytic activities of reverse transcriptase from human immunodeficiency virus type 1. Illimaquinone inhibited the RNase HExpand
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Ptilomycalin A: a novel polycyclic guanidine alkaloid of marine origin
Identification par spectrometrie de masse d'un nouvel alcaloide guanidique d'origine marine (Eponge): la Ptilomycaline A
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Mycosporine-2-glycine is the major mycosporine-like amino acid in a unicellular cyanobacterium (Euhalothece sp.) isolated from a gypsum crust in a hypersaline saltern pond.
Mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAs) were extracted from a unicellular cyanobacterium (Euhalothece sp.) isolated from a gypsum crust on the bottom of a hypersaline saltern pond in Eilat, Israel. WhenExpand
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Nuttingins A-F and malonganenones D-H, tetraprenylated alkaloids from the Tanzanian gorgonian Euplexaura nuttingi.
Six new tetraprenylated purine alkaloids, designated nuttingins A-F (1-6), were isolated together with three known malonganenones, A-C (12-14), and five new closely related malonganenones, D-HExpand
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