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Eco-Friendly Composite of Fe3O4-Reduced Graphene Oxide Particles for Efficient Enzyme Immobilization.
These unique composite particles containing rGO and Fe3O4 may be promising supports for the efficient immobilization of industrially important enzymes with lower acute toxicity toward Vibrio fischeri than commercial pure Fe3 O4 particles.
Hollow Cobalt Selenide Microspheres: Synthesis and Application as Anode Materials for Na-Ion Batteries.
The electrochemical properties of hollow cobalt oxide and cobalt selenide microspheres are studied for the first time as anode materials for Na-ion batteries and have better rate performances than the hollow Cobalt oxidemicrospheres.
Rapid synthesis and decoration of reduced graphene oxide with gold nanoparticles by thermostable peptides for memory device and photothermal applications
This article presents novel, rapid, and environmentally benign synthesis method for one-step reduction and decoration of graphene oxide with gold nanoparticles (NAuNPs) by using thermostable
Design of particles by spray pyrolysis and recent progress in its application
Spray pyrolysis is a promising aerosol process to produce “designer particles” of precisely controlled morphology with decorations on surfaces or inside particles. Need of precise control of
Sodium ion storage properties of WS₂-decorated three-dimensional reduced graphene oxide microspheres.
The multi-layered WS2-3D RGO microspheres show Na(+) storage properties superior to those of the WO3-3d RGOMicrospheres, which are prepared as anode materials for sodium ion batteries.
Na-ion Storage Performances of FeSex and Fe2O3 Hollow Nanoparticles-Decorated Reduced Graphene Oxide Balls prepared by Nanoscale Kirkendall Diffusion Process
The uniquely structured FeSex-reduced graphene oxide (rGO) composite powders, in which hollow FeSex nanoparticles are uniformly distributed throughout the rGO matrix, were prepared by spray pyrolysis applying the nanoscale Kirkendall diffusion process and had superior sodium-ion storage properties compared to those of the Fe2O3-rGO composite powder with similar morphological characteristics.