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Elevated levels of circulating platelet microparticles, VEGF, IL-6 and RANTES in patients with gastric cancer: possible role of a metastasis predictor.
Plasma levels of PMP, VEGF, IL-6 and RANTES were markedly increased in patients with stage IV disease, and it is demonstrated that these increased plasma levels of IL- 6, RantES, and especially PMP might be useful for identifying metastatic gastric patients. Expand
Altered expression and mutation of beta-catenin gene in gastric carcinomas and cell lines.
Frequent abnormalities of beta-catenin expression in gastric carcinoma support the idea that both structural and signaling functions of the protein play a critical role in gastrics carcinogenesis. Expand
Oxidative stress-induced apoptosis prevented by Trolox.
The results indicate that oxidative stress induces apoptosis in thymocytes, and this induction can be prevented by Trolox, a powerful inhibitor of membrane damage. Expand
AtBAG6, a novel calmodulin-binding protein, induces programmed cell death in yeast and plants
Results suggest that AtBAG6 is a stress-upregulated CaM-binding protein involved in plant PCD. Expand
Circ-ITCH regulates triple-negative breast cancer progression through the Wnt/β-catenin pathway.
The combined results show for the first time that circ-ITCH is a tumor suppressor, a promising prognostic biomarker in T NBC and that its restoration could well be a successful strategy in TNBC. Expand
Cytokinesis regulator ECT2 changes its conformation through phosphorylation at Thr-341 in G2/M phase
It is proposed that T341 phosphorylation by Cyclin B/Cdk1 could be a trigger for further activation of ECT2, and it is found that the phospho-mimic mutation T341D increases binding with itself or the N-terminal half of E CT2. Expand
Studies on the physiological functionality of pine needle and mugwort extracts
This study was conducted to investigate the physiological functionality of the hot water and 70% acetone extracts obtained from the pine needle and mugwort. Flavanol tannin content was above 60% ofExpand
Mice expressing both B7-1 and viral glycoprotein on pancreatic beta cells along with glycoprotein-specific transgenic T cells develop diabetes due to a breakdown of T-lymphocyte unresponsiveness.
The results show that aberrant B7 expression on peripheral tissues may play an important role in the activation of self-reactive T cells and further suggest that abnormal expression of costimulatory receptors may be involved in various T-cell-mediated autoimmune diseases. Expand
Truncated SNAP-25 (1-197), like botulinum neurotoxin A, can inhibit insulin secretion from HIT-T15 insulinoma cells.
It is shown that functional SNAP-25 proteins are required for insulin secretion and suggested that the inhibitory action of BoNT/A toxin on insulin secretion is in part caused by the production of the plasma membrane-bound cleavage product, which itself interferes with insulin granule docking and fusion. Expand
Magnesium activated adenosine formation in intact perfused heart: predominance of ecto 5'-nucleotidase during hypermagnesemia.
Magnesium ion-enhanced adenosine formation by 5'-nucleotidase could contribute to the known cardioprotective effects of this clinically used cation. Expand