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Shingled Recording for 2–3 Tbit/in $^2$
Head and media designs for shingled recording are described, targeting areal recording densities of 2-3 Tbit/in2. The potential of the designs was evaluated using micromagnetic simulations. The
Shingled Magnetic Recording on Bit Patterned Media
Shingled magnetic recording on bit patterned media with areal densities of 2-4 Tbit/in2 is examined. The use of a shingled recording scheme allows wider write poles and dots with higher anisotropy to
Description of TEAM Workshop Problem 29: Whole body cavity resonator
TEAM Workshop problem 29, whole body cavity resonator, is described. We have called this resonator a reentrant resonant cavity applicator [1, 2]. The cavity was originally invented for a hyperthermic
Thin film write head field analysis using a benchmark problem
The write head fields calculated by various codes using different meshes show fairly good agreement, but it is found that the calculation time strongly depends on unknown variables.
A Study of TDMR Signal Processing Opportunities Based on Quasi-Micromagnetic Simulations
A comprehensive study of the shingled writing process and various signal processing and data detection approaches applied to the readback waveforms finds about a 10% density gain for such 2-D magnetic recording compared with traditional single-track recording.
Optimization of Bit Geometry and Multi-Reader Geometry for Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording
The move from traditional single-track magnetic recording to two-dimensional magnetic recording (TDMR) with squeezed tracks and multiple readers opens up new design degrees of freedom beyond the
Resonant frequency analysis of reentrant resonant cavity applicator by using FEM and FD-TD method
A reentrant resonant cavity applicator is analyzed as a generalized eigenvalue problem by using the finite element method (FEM) with edge elements. The subspace iteration method is used to solve for
Micromagnetic Analysis of Shielded Write Heads Using Symmetric Multiprocessing Systems
Acceleration of micromagnetic calculations on symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) systems is investigated. A speed up of more than 20 times has been realized compared with the serial processing software.
Micromagnetic Simulations of Perpendicular Single-Pole-Type Head for Various Pole-Tip Structures
This paper describes the micromagnetic simulation of a single-pole-type head for a perpendicular magnetic recording. A Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert calculation that treats the whole magnetic material
Oscillation Characteristics of Spin-Torque Oscillator Put in Write Gap of SPT Head
Microwave-assisted magnetic recording (MAMR) has been proposed as a promising technique to achieve a higher areal recording density over 1.0 Tbit/inch2. MAMR requires a spin-torque oscillator (STO)