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Hopping of electron transport in granular Cux(SiO2)1–x nanocomposite films deposited by ion-beam sputtering
The paper presents investigation into the Cux(SiO2)1–x nanocomposite films (0.36 < x < 0.73, 3–5 μm thick) deposited by ion-beam sputtering of the compound Cu/SiO2 target in argon ambient. It hasExpand
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AC/DC conductance in granular nanocomposite films (Fe45Co45Zr10)x(CaF2)100−x
Abstract The present paper investigates dependencies of DC/AC conductances on metallic-to-dielectric phase ratio x, temperature T and frequency f in granular nanocomposite films containing FeCoZrExpand
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Dielectric and magnetic losses of microwave electromagnetic radiation in granular structures with ferromagnetic nanoparticles
We have studied dielectric and magnetic losses in granular structures constituted by ferromagnetic nanoparticles (Co, Fe, B) in an insulating amorphous a-SiO2 matrix at microwave frequencies, inExpand
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Barkhausen effect and percolation threshold in metal-dielectric nanocomposites
Abstract Above a certain concentration of metal atoms in metal-dielectric nanocomposites, the vectors of spontaneous magnetization of individual nanoparticles exhibit a correlated behavior. As aExpand
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Effect of oxide shells on the magnetic and magnetotransport characteristics of oxidized FeCoZr nanogranules in Al2O3
Abstract The paper reports on the results of a comparative study of magnetic and magnetotransport properties of granular nanocomposite films FeCoZr–Al 2 O 3 synthesized in pure Ar and Ar + OExpand
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AC conductance of (Co0.45Fe0.45Zr0.10)X(Al2O3)1 − X nanocomposites
The influence of the composition on the AC carrier transport of the composite films containing ferromagnetic CoFeZr nanoparticles in amorphous aluminium oxide matrix has been investigated. The filmsExpand
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Impedance and magnetization of CoFeZr nanoclusters embedded into alumina matrix
Abstract Influence of metal-to-dielectric ratio in (CoFeZr) x (Al 2 O 3 ) 100– x composites and influence of gas ambient in sputtering chamber on the impedance and magnetization of the filmsExpand
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The Barkhausen effect and percolation threshold in amorphous metal-dielectric nanocomposites
A new percolation situation has been found in metal-dielectric nanocomposites containing ferromagnetic components. For a certain concentration of metal atoms, the vectors of spontaneous magnetizationExpand
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Characterization of (Co0.45Fe0.45Zr0.10)x(Al2O3)1-x nanocomposite films applicable as spintronic materials
The combined use of scanning electron microscopy, Mossbauer spectrometry, X-ray diffraction and also DC/AC electrical and magnetic characterization techniques allowed this work to elucidate theExpand
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