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Pulmonary crackle detection using time-frequency and time-scale analysis
Pulmonary crackles are used as indicators for the diagnosis of different pulmonary disorders in auscultation. Expand
Design of a DSP-based instrument for real-time classification of pulmonary sounds
In this work, a Digital Signal Processor is used to design an instrument capable of acquiring, parameterizing and subsequently classifying lung sounds into two classes with an aim to evaluate them objectively in real time. Expand
An Automated Lung Sound Preprocessing and Classification System Based OnSpectral Analysis Methods
In this work, respiratory sounds are classified into four classes in the presence of various noises (talking, coughing, motion artefacts, heart and intestinal sounds) using support vector machine classifier with radial basis function kernel. Expand
An open access database for the evaluation of respiratory sound classification algorithms.
This paper describes a public respiratory sound database, which was compiled for an international competition, the first scientific challenge of the IFMBE's International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics. Expand
Multiresolution biological transient extraction applied to respiratory crackles.
A method is proposed for the detection of transients in biological signals by enhancing the transient-to-background ratio by a series of operations such as background whitening, wavelet-based multiresolution decomposition and application of Teager's operator. Expand
Classification of respiratory signals by linear analysis
The aim of this study is the classification of wheeze and non-wheeze epochs within respiratory sound signals acquired from patients with asthma and COPD. Since a wheeze signal, having a sinusoidalExpand
Constraining the general linear model for sensible hemodynamic response function waveforms
We propose a method to do constrained parameter estimation and inference from neuroimaging data using general linear model (GLM). Expand
Computerised respiratory sounds can differentiate smokers and non-smokers
Cigarette smoking is often associated with the development of several respiratory diseases however, if diagnosed early, the changes in the lung tissue caused by smoking may be reversible.Expand
A Multi-Channel Device for Respiratory Sound Data Acquisition and Transient Detection
  • I. Sen, Y. Kahya
  • Engineering, Medicine
  • IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology 27th…
  • 2005
In this study, a multi-channel analog data acquisition and processing device with the additional feature of detecting adventitious sounds has been designed and implemented. Expand