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Radiative lifetimes on singlet oxygen molecule: A perturbation-variation calculation
Abstract Calculation of the spin-forbidden transition matrix elements of molecules through the first order of the badness of the molecular wavefunction is investigated by applying double perturbationExpand
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Vibration-Rotation Interaction Effects in Calculated Band Strengths,
Abstract : The effects of vibration-rotation interaction on the band strengths for various J values of the transitions B triplet Pi(g)-A triplet Sigma(u)(+) for N2 and doublet Sigma(+)-doublet Pi(i)Expand
The Activation Energy of the Reaction H2 + F yields H + HF,
Abstract : The London-Eyring-Polanyi-Sato (LEPS) and the modified London-Eyring-PolanyiSato (MLEPS) methods are used to calculate the activation energy of the reaction H2 + F yields H + HF. It isExpand
On Franck-Condon Factor Calculations
Abstract The band strength SUv′ Lv′ is an average with respect to vibrational wavefunctions ϕv′, and ϕv″, of the electronic transition moment Re (r) where and In Eq. (2) we see that the electronicExpand
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