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Nested Retrotransposons in the Intergenic Regions of the Maize Genome
The relative organization of genes and repetitive DNAs in complex eukaryotic genomes is not well understood. Diagnostic sequencing indicated that a 280-kilobase region containing the maize Adh1-F andExpand
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Structure and coding properties of Bs1, a maize retrovirus-like transposon.
We have sequenced Bs1, an insertion element isolated from a null allele of the Adh1 locus encoding alcohol dehydrogenase in maize. The Bs1 element is 3203 base pairs (bp) in length, has 302-bpExpand
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Gene identification in a complex chromosomal continuum by local genomic cross-referencing.
Most higher plants have complex genomes containing large quantities of repetitive DNA interspersed with low-copy-number sequences. Many of these repetitive DNAs are mobile and have homology to RNAsExpand
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Integration and nonrandom mutation of a plasma membrane proton ATPase gene fragment within the Bs1 retroelement of maize.
Retrotransposons are a class of mobile DNA sequences in eukaryotes that transpose through a reverse-transcribed RNA intermediate. Retrotransposons containing long terminal repeats have many of theExpand
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The Hybaid Lecture. Microcollinearity and segmental duplication in the evolution of grass nuclear genomes.
Recent studies have shown that grass genomes have very similar gene compositions and regions of conserved gene order, as exemplified by collinear genetic maps of DNA markers. We have begun theExpand
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[A Comparative Analysis Of Various Parts Of Ascaris Suum With Respect To Their Protein Composition]
For the purpose of making a comparative study of protein compositions in Ascaris suum by sexes and body parts, extracts were prepared from whole bodies, body walls, genital organs, digestive organsExpand
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[Analysis Of Protein Components At Varioue Stages Of Clonorchis Sinensis]
In this study the authors examined the protein components at various stages of Clonorchis sinensis, and those of tegument and metabolite of adult Clonorchis by using SDS-polyacrylamide gelExpand
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[Lung Findings In Experimental Paragonimiasis]
A pathological study was done to elucidate sequential changes of the lungs in various time intervals following experimental paragonimiasis in 15 dogs and 15 cats. The dogs and cats were fed withExpand
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