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Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (3rd edition)
In 2008 we published the first set of guidelines for standardizing research in autophagy. Since then, research on this topic has continued to accelerate, and many new scientists have entered theExpand
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Macroautophagy—a novel β-amyloid peptide-generating pathway activated in Alzheimer's disease
Macroautophagy, which is a lysosomal pathway for the turnover of organelles and long-lived proteins, is a key determinant of cell survival and longevity. In this study, we show that neuronalExpand
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Identification of a common neurobiological substrate for mental illness.
IMPORTANCE Psychiatric diagnoses are currently distinguished based on sets of specific symptoms. However, genetic and clinical analyses find similarities across a wide variety of diagnoses,Expand
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Identification and Characterization of a Novel RF-amide Peptide Ligand for Orphan G-protein-coupled Receptor SP9155*
Orphan G-protein-coupled receptors are a large class of receptors whose cognate ligands are unknown. SP9155 (also referred to as AQ27 and GPR103) is an orphan G-protein-coupled receptor originallyExpand
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Identification of Novel Substrates for Human Cytochrome P450 2J2
Several antihistamine drugs including terfenadine, ebastine, and astemizole have been identified as substrates for CYP2J2. The overall importance of this enzyme in drug metabolism has not been fullyExpand
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The changing epidemiology of invasive candidiasis
The objective of the current retrospective study was to compare the epidemiology of candidemia and its risk factors in patients who had hematologic malignancies(HM) with those in patients who hadExpand
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Mitogenic and oncogenic stimulation of K433 acetylation promotes PKM2 protein kinase activity and nuclear localization.
Alternative splicing of the PKM2 gene produces two isoforms, M1 and M2, which are preferentially expressed in adult and embryonic tissues, respectively. The M2 isoform is reexpressed in human cancerExpand
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In Vitro-In Vivo Correlation for Intrinsic Clearance for Drugs Metabolized by Human Aldehyde Oxidase
The ability to predict in vivo clearance from in vitro intrinsic clearance for compounds metabolized by aldehyde oxidase has not been demonstrated. To date, there is no established scaling method forExpand
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Affects of mining activities on Cd pollution to the paddy soils and rice grain in Hunan province, Central South China
Located in Central South China, Hunan province is rich in mineral resources. To study the influence of mining on Cd pollution to local agricultural eco-system, the paddy soils and rice grain of YExpand
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Identifying a Selective Substrate and Inhibitor Pair for the Evaluation of CYP2J2 Activity
CYP2J2, an arachidonic acid epoxygenase, is recognized for its role in the first-pass metabolism of astemizole and ebastine. To fully assess the role of CYP2J2 in drug metabolism, a selectiveExpand
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