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Text-Book of Medicine
ducing a very admirable text-book on general medicine there is not the slighest doubt. The book consists of two moderate-sized volumes in royal octavo, and is in every way admirably printed and gotExpand
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Diseases of Throat, Nose and Ear
make Dr. Mc. Bride's book a high priced one. They are almost perfect, especially the pictures, for that is what they are, of the diseases of the larynx and the tympanum. The book lias reached a thirdExpand
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Text-Book of Abdominal Surgery: A Clinical Manual for Practitioners and Students
ovariir> f Ur? 1 m,nar^ theatre fc? see Thomas Keith remove an beforp fliaU?1?Ur' was' ^ needless to add, in the days was rpali rl^^R1' ^ ^le Pa^en^ due to the crowds of onlookers thp worl^20 i ^Expand
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Practical Pathology: A Manual for Students and Practitioners
demands. It opens by giving us full instructions as to the way of conducting a post-mortem examination; it then accurately describes the morbid appearances of the organs as seen on the outside, asExpand
DR. SCHUSTER, the leader of the English Government Eclipse Expedition to Siam, in 1875, sails in the White Star Line ship Germanic to-day to observe the eclipse of the 29th instant. Prof. Thorpe,Expand
Elements of Ophthalmoscopic Diagnosis
Manual of Treatment by Massage and Methodical Muscle Exercise
Editorial Notes
Synopsis of Therapeutics