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Coordination of Cellular Dynamics Contributes to Tooth Epithelium Deformations
The morphologies of ectodermal organs are shaped by appropriate combinations of several deformation modes, such as invagination and anisotropic tissue elongation. However, how multicellular dynamicsExpand
AdS(3) / CFT(2) correspondence and space-time N=3 superconformal algebra
We study a Wess-Zumino-Witten model with target space AdS3 × (S3 × S3 × S1)/2. This allows us to construct space-time = 3 superconformal theories. By combining left-, and right-moving parts through aExpand
Synergistic action of nectins and cadherins generates the mosaic cellular pattern of the olfactory epithelium
Cellular rearrangements between olfactory cells and supporting cells, driven by the different expression and distribution of nectins and cadherins, are required for mosaic cellular patterning in theExpand
The cost of stratospheric climate engineering revisited
Stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) has been receiving increasing attention as a possible option for climate engineering. Its direct cost is perceived to be low, which has implications forExpand
Solving Infinite Kolam in Knot Theory
  • Y. Ishimoto
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • 1 October 2006
In south India, there are traditional patterns of line-drawings encircling dots, called ``Kolam'', among which one-line drawings or the ``infinite Kolam'' provide very interesting questions. Expand
Effect of interaction shape on the condensed toroid of the semiflexible chain.
We investigate how different microscopic interactions between semiflexible chain segments can qualitatively alter the physical properties of the condensed toroid. We propose a general form of theExpand
Putting Costs of Direct Air Capture in Context
This working paper provides an overview of various estimates and claims on direct air capture (DAC) of carbon dioxide, and places them in a broader context of global climate policy. Unlike otherExpand
It is well known that LCFT generally contains Jordan cell structure and, in our previous paper, we have proposed a conjecture that one and only one boundary sate is allowed in the rank-2 cell. WithExpand
Bubbly vertex dynamics: A dynamical and geometrical model for epithelial tissues with curved cell shapes.
In order to describe two-dimensionally packed cells in epithelial tissues both mathematically and physically, there have been developed several sorts of geometrical models, such as the vertex model,Expand
Spontaneous Spatial Correlation of Elastic Modulus in Jammed Epithelial Monolayers Observed by AFM.
For isolated single cells on a substrate, the intracellular stiffness, which is often measured as the Young's modulus, E, by atomic force microscopy (AFM), depends on the substrate rigidity. However,Expand