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Improved histograms for selectivity estimation of range predicates
Many commercial database systems maintain histograms to summarize the contents of relations and permit efficient estimation of query result sizes and access plan costs. Although several types ofExpand
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Statistical Database
A statistical database is a database used for statistical analysis purposes. It is an OLAP (online analytical processing), instead of OLTP (online transaction. Whats new? Help us improve thisExpand
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Bitmap index design and evaluation
Bitmap indexing has been touted as a promising approach for processing complex adhoc queries in read-mostly environments, like those of decision support systems. Nevertheless, only few possibleExpand
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Selectivity Estimation Without the Attribute Value Independence Assumption
The result size of a query that involves multiple attributes from the same relation depends on these attributes’joinr data distribution, i.e., the frequencies of all combinations of attribute values.Expand
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Randomized algorithms for optimizing large join queries
Query optimization for relational database systems is a combinatorial optimization problem, which makes exhaustive search unacceptable as the query size grows. Randomized algorithms, such asExpand
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The History of Histograms (abridged)
The history of histograms is long and rich, full of detailed information in every step. It includes the course of histograms in different scientific fields, the successes and failures of histogramsExpand
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An efficient bitmap encoding scheme for selection queries
Bitmap indexes are useful in processing complex queries in decision support systems, and they have been implemented in several commercial database systems. A key design parameter for bitmap indexesExpand
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The BioMagResBank (BMRB: www.bmrb.wisc.edu) is a repository for experimental and derived data gathered from nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopic studies of biological molecules. BMRB is aExpand
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Balancing histogram optimality and practicality for query result size estimation
Many current database systems use histograms to approximate the frequency distribution of values in the attributes of relations and based on them estimate query result sizes and access plan costs. InExpand
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Histogram-Based Approximation of Set-Valued Query-Answers
Answeringqueriesapproximatelyhasrecently beenproposedas a way to reducequery responsetimesin on-line decisionsupportsystems,when the preciseansweris not necessaryor early feedbackis helpful. Most ofExpand
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