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Performance Study of 100-Gb/s Super-Nyquist QPSK and Nyquist 8QAM over 25-GHz Spacing
To enable a 100 Gb/s over 25-GHz long-haul transmission solution, Nyquist 8-ary quadrature-amplitude modulation (QAM) and super-Nyquist quadrature phase-shifted keying (QPSK) are promisingExpand
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Capacity-approaching transmission over 6375 km at spectral efficiency of 8.3 bit/s/Hz
Transmission capacities of 34.9Tb/s over 6375 km based on Gaussian-like DP-64APSK and 33.3 Tb/s over 6800 km using DP-32QAM are demonstrated using hybrid spans with quasi-single-mode fiber. NonlinearExpand
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40×117.6 Gb/s PDM-16QAM OFDM transmission over 10,181 km with soft-decision LDPC coding and nonlinearity compensation
Transmission of 117.6Gb/s optical PDM-16QAM OFDM signals over 10,181km is demonstrated at 25-GHz channel spacing with 4.7 b/s/Hz spectral efficiency. All the errors have been corrected by using 25%Expand
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FASTER Open Submarine Cable
Open Cable design enables the most efficient modulation. We transport 8QAM over 10,940 km. Also, we achieved a record 4 b/s/Hz for Trans-Pacific production system. Using G-OSNR, we estimate theExpand
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6,050km transmission of 32 /spl times/ 42.7 Gb/s DWDM signals using Raman-amplified quadruple-hybrid span configuration
We demonstrate the first transatlantic distance transmission of 40-Gb/s-based dense-WDM signals with 100-GHz channel spacing. This successful transmission was achieved by suppression of fiberExpand
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32 x 40-Gb/s dense WDM transmission over 3000 km using "double-hybrid" fiber configuration
This paper reports long-distance transmission experiments of 100-GHz-spaced 32 /spl times/ 40 Gb/s dense wavelength-division-multiplexing (DWDM) signals, designed for submarine applications. AExpand
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First quasi-single-mode transmission over transoceanic distance using few-mode fibers
A record spectral efficiency of 6.5 b/s/Hz over 6600 km is demonstrated using quasi-single-mode transmission over 101.6-km long hybrid few-mode and single-mode spans with high launch power.
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A generalized pairwise optimization for designing multi-dimensional modulation formats
A modified pairwise optimization algorithm has been proposed to optimize N-dimensional constellation. The resulting optimized 2- and 4-dimensional 8QAM formats outperform star-8QAM by >0.4 dB at theExpand
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EDFA-Only WDM 4200-km Transmission of OFDM-16QAM and 32QAM
We experimentally demonstrated long-distance transmission of 68.3 Gb/s wavelength-division multiplexing polarization division multiplexing (PDM)-orthogonal frequency division multiplexingExpand
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Design and Performance Evaluation of a GMI-Optimized 32QAM
An optimized 32QAM with quasi-Gray bits mapping is designed to improve GMI capacity over a nonlinear optical channel, and is experimentally demonstrated to outperform 32QAM by ∼0.5dB SNR between 3Expand
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