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On polarization effects in fluorescence depletion microscopy
The dependence of fluorescence depletion on the relative polarizations of pump and erase beams is investigated for a sample of randomly oriented Rhodamine-6G molecules. The significance ofExpand
Generation of a doughnut-shaped beam using a spiral phase plate
To generate a doughnut-shaped beam, i.e., the first order of a Bessel beam, a spiral phase plate with 8 divided etching areas is fabricated with an etching accuracy of better than 6 nm. The etchingExpand
Investigation of polarization effects for high-numerical-aperture first-order Laguerre-Gaussian beams by 2D scanning with a single fluorescent microbead.
The focal intensity distribution of strongly focused (NA=0.9) first order Laguerre-Gaussian doughnut beams is investigated experimentally for three different polarizations: linear, and left-handedExpand
Investigation of the center intensity of first- and second-order Laguerre-Gaussian beams with linear and circular polarization.
The vectorial Debye integral shows that tightly focused Laguerre-Gaussian (LG) beams have a residual intensity at the focal point for linear polarization, for a topological charge of m=1 and 2. WeExpand
Construction of super-resolution microscope based on cw laser light source
We constructed a super-resolution microscope system based on a cw laser light source. Electro-optical modulators convert the cw laser light into a light pulse with a width of 15ns and provide aExpand
Two-point-separation in super-resolution fluorescence microscope based on up-conversion fluorescence depletion technique.
Pronounced separation (750 nm) between two individual fluorescence spots in a novel super-resolution microscopy based on a two-color up-conversion fluorescence depletion technique has beenExpand
Two-color far-field super-resolution microscope using a doughnut beam
We have demonstrated a realistic super-resolution scanning fluorescence microscope using conventional nanosecond lasers. This super-resolution microscope is based on the combination of two-colorExpand
Study of x‐ray microscopy using ultraviolet and x‐ray double‐resonance absorption
Yoshinori IketakiResearch Development Corporation ofJapan (JRDC)‘‘Light and Material’’ PRESTO2-45-13 Honcho, Nakano-kuTokyo 164, JapanandOlympus Optical Co., Ltd.T. Morokuma Research Laboratory2-3,Expand
Theoretical investigation of the point-spread function given by super-resolving fluorescence microscopy using two-color fluorescence dip spectroscopy
The profile of the point spread function (PSF) in superresolution microscopy is studied theoretically. The fluorescence spot profile (i.e., the PSF) is determined by the focused beam patterns of theExpand
Formation of a doughnut laser beam for super-resolving microscopy using a phase spatial light modulator
The formation of a doughnut-shaped laser beam is presented. To generate the beam, we use an optically addressed parallel-aligned nematic liquid-crystal phase spatial light modulator (PAL-SLM), andExpand