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Hybrid Coupling Between Long-Range Surface Plasmon Polariton Mode and Dielectric Waveguide Mode
In this paper, the hybrid coupling between long-range surface plasmon polariton (LRSPP) waveguide mode and dielectric waveguide mode has been studied theoretically and experimentally in detail byExpand
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Modelling of the cutting temperature distribution under the tool flank wear effect
Abstract The understanding of cutting temperature distribution at the presence of tool wear can aid in addressing important metal cutting issues such as part surface integrity, tool life andExpand
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Plasmonic core-shell metal-organic nanoparticles enhanced dye-sensitized solar cells.
We present an investigation on introducing core-shell Au@PVP nanoparticles (NPs) into dye-sensitized solar cells. As a novel core-shell NPs structure, Au@PVP present not only the chemical stabilityExpand
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Integrated refractive index sensor based on hybrid coupler with short range surface plasmon polariton and dielectric waveguide
Abstract In this paper, an integrated sensor based on the vertical hybrid coupler composed of a short range surface plasmon polariton (SRSPP) waveguide and a SiNx dielectric waveguide has beenExpand
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The impact of nonlinear losses in the silicon micro-ring cavities on CW pumping correlated photon pair generation.
In this paper, 1.5 μm correlated photon pairs are generated under continuous wave (CW) pumping in a silicon micro-ring cavity with a Q factor of 8.1 × 10(4). The ratio of coincidences to accidentalExpand
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Identifying Orbital Angular Momentum of Vectorial Vortices with Pancharatnam Phase and Stokes Parameters
In this work, an explicit formula is deduced for identifying the orbital angular moment (OAM) of vectorial vortex with space-variant state of polarization (SOP). Different to scalar vortex, the OAMExpand
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Polarized spectroscopic properties of Nd3+-doped KGd(WO4)(2) single crystal
The polarized absorption spectra, infrared fluorescence spectra, upconversion visible fluorescence spectra, and fluorescence decay curve of orientated Nd3+:KGd(WO4)(2) crystal were measured atExpand
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Flux growth and spectral properties of Yb:YAB single crystal with high Yb3+ concentration
Abstract Ytterbium-doped yttrium aluminium borate (Yb:YAB) crystals with high Yb3+ concentration have been obtained by the top-seeded solution growth techniques. The polarized absorption spectra,Expand
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Experimental long-distance quantum secure direct communication
We report the first long-distance entanglement-based QSDC experiment, including the security test, information encoding, fiber transmission and decoding. Expand
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Yellow-light generation of 5.7 W by intracavity doubling self-Raman laser of YVO(4)/Nd:YVO(4) composite.
A high-power 588 nm light produced by an intracavity frequency-doubling acousto-optic Q-switched self-frequency Raman laser is reported. A 20-mm-long YVO(4)/Nd:YVO(4) composite crystal and aExpand
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