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Integrating the predictiveness of a marker with its performance as a classifier.
There are two popular statistical approaches to biomarker evaluation. One models the risk of disease (or disease outcome) with, for example, logistic regression. A marker is considered useful if itExpand
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Bifurcation of flame structure in a lean-premixed swirl-stabilized combustor: transition from stable to unstable flame
The present work addresses unsteady flame dynamics in a lean-premixed swirl-stabilized combustor, with attention focused on the transition of flame structure from a stable to an unstable state. ItExpand
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The Contribution of Dental Amalgam to Urinary Mercury Excretion in Children
Background Urinary mercury concentrations are widely used as a measure of mercury exposure from dental amalgam fillings. No studies have evaluated the relationship of these measures in a longitudinalExpand
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Association of childhood and adolescent anthropometric factors, physical activity, and diet with adult mammographic breast density.
Early-life exposures may influence the development of breast cancer. The authors examined the association of childhood and adolescent anthropometric factors, physical activity levels, and diet withExpand
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Combining biomarkers to optimize patient treatment recommendations.
Markers that predict treatment effect have the potential to improve patient outcomes. For example, the OncotypeDX® RecurrenceScore® has some ability to predict the benefit of adjuvant chemotherapyExpand
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Effect of swirl on combustion dynamics in a lean-premixed swirl-stabilized combustor
Abstract The effect of inlet swirl on the flow development and combustion dynamics in a lean-premixed swirl-stabilized combustor has been numerically investigated using a large-eddy-simulation (LES)Expand
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Magnitude and Breadth of the Neutralizing Antibody Response in the RV144 and Vax003 HIV-1 Vaccine Efficacy Trials
Background. A recombinant canarypox vector expressing human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) Gag, Pro, and membrane-linked gp120 (vCP1521), combined with a bivalent gp120 protein boost (AIDSVAXExpand
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Membrane Transporters and Channels
Membrane transporters and channels (collectively the transportome) govern cellular influx and efflux of ions, nutrients, and drugs. We used oligonucleotide arrays to analyze gene expression of theExpand
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Neighborhood Attainment over the Adult Life Course
This study uses data from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, in conjunction with neighborhood-level data from the U.S. decennial census and American Community Survey, to examine the trajectory ofExpand
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A parametric ROC model-based approach for evaluating the predictiveness of continuous markers in case-control studies.
The predictiveness curve shows the population distribution of risk endowed by a marker or risk prediction model. It provides a means for assessing the model's capacity for stratifying the populationExpand
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