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Characterization of filter extractables by proton NMR spectroscopy: studies on intact filters with process buffers.
The data show that the primary source of filter extractables is the hydrophilic modification of the PVDF membrane surface, and that neither PG nor soluble oligomers are at levels that impact the quality or safety of the product.
Characterization of Costabilizers in Retarding Ostwald Ripening of Monomer Miniemulsions
The Ostwald ripening behavior of ST or MMA miniemulsions stabilized by various types of costabilizers upon aging at 25°C was investigated. The general validity of the quadratic empirical model with
Degradation pathways of a corticotropin-releasing factor antagonist in solution and solid states.
Stability of the 1,3,5-triazine derivative (1), a corticotropin-releasing factor inhibitor, was studied in acidic solutions and in solid formulations and degradation appeared to proceed more rapidly in amorphous regions created during processing.