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Integrated heart/cancer on a chip to reproduce the side effects of anti-cancer drugs in vitro
Pre-clinical animal tests are used to assess drug efficacy and safety, but are limited by factors such as their suitability as a model for humans, robustness, cost, and ethical issues. While anExpand
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A three-dimensional microstructuring technique exploiting the positive photoresist property
The present paper describes a three-dimensional (3D) thick-photoresist microstructuring technique that exploits the effect of exposure wavelength on dissolution rate distributions in a thick-filmExpand
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A novel fabrication process of 3D microstructures by double exposure in deep x-ray lithography (D2XRL)
Double exposure in deep x-ray lithography (D2XRL) was proposed for the first time to fabricate three-dimensional (3D) microstructures with inclined walls by common deep x-ray lithography (DXRL)Expand
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X3D: 3D X-ray lithography and development simulation for MEMS
We report a novel simulation tool covering the complete process of X-ray lithography. Sub-steps of the procedure are mask generation, transient exposure, and transient resist dissolution. For theExpand
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Experimental Study of Numerical Optimization for 3-D Microstructuring Using DMD-Based Grayscale Lithography
  • X. Ma, Y. Kato, +4 authors O. Tabata
  • Materials Science
  • Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems
  • 7 July 2015
Digital micromirror device (DMD)-based grayscale lithography is a promising tool for 3-D photolithography of thick photoresists, because this technique provides a patterning solution for free-formExpand
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Fracture strength of silicon torsional mirror resonators fully coated with submicrometer-thick PECVD DLC film
Abstract In this work, we attempted to enhance the torsional fracture strength of single crystal silicon (SCS) resonators for micro mirrors application by introducing a 300 nm-thick diamond-likeExpand
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Moving mask UV lithography for three-dimensional structuring
This paper presents a systematic study on a novel 3D (three-dimensional) UV (ultraviolet) lithography apparatus for thick photoresist and a UV lithography process simulation for 3D microstructuring.Expand
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Time-Resolved Micro-Raman Stress Spectroscopy for Single-Crystal Silicon Resonators Using a MEMS Optical Chopper
A microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) optical chopper with a silicon-on-glass structure has been developed for time-resolved micro-Raman stress measurements of single-crystal silicon resonators.Expand
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Evaluation of procedures for decontaminating ultrasound probes
PurposeTo determine suitable procedures for decontaminating ultrasound probes.MethodsWe investigated bacterial transmission via ultrasound probes that were not wiped, wiped with a plain paper towel,Expand
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