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Combinatorial curvature for planar graphs
Regarding an infinite planar graph G as a discrete analogue of a noncompact simply connected Riemannian surface, we introduce the combinatorial curvature of G corresponding to the sectional curvatureExpand
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A semisynthetic fusicoccane stabilizes a protein-protein interaction and enhances the expression of K+ channels at the cell surface.
Small-molecule stabilization of protein-protein interactions is an emerging field in chemical biology. We show how fusicoccanes, originally identified as fungal toxins acting on plants, promote theExpand
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Spectral and asymptotic properties of Grover walks on crystal lattice
We propose a twisted Szegedy walk for estimating the limit behavior of a discrete-time quantum walk on a crystal lattice, an infinite abelian covering graph, whose notion was introduced by [14].Expand
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The aim of this expository article is to exhibit several interesting interactions among geometry, graph theory and probability through a brief survey of a series of our recent work on geometry ofExpand
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Multicenter phase II study of nivolumab in Japanese patients with relapsed or refractory classical Hodgkin lymphoma
Overexpression of programmed death‐1 (PD‐1) ligands contributes to an immunosuppressive microenvironment. Nivolumab is a PD‐1‐blocking antibody that inhibits the PD‐1 pathway and showed good efficacyExpand
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Combinatorial curvature for planar graphs
  • Y. Higuchi
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Graph Theory
  • 2001
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Specific Direct Small Molecule p300/β-Catenin Antagonists Maintain Stem Cell Potency.
Despite their high degree of identity and even higher homology, the two Kat3 transcriptional coactivators, CBP and p300, have distinct functions, particularly within the Wnt/β-catenin signalingExpand
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Spectral structure of the Laplacian on a covering graph
In this paper we study the spectral structure of the discrete Laplacian on an infinite graph. We show that, for a finite graph including a certain kind of a family of cycles, the spectrum of theExpand
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Dynamical system induced by quantum walk.
We consider the Grover walk model on a connected finite graph with two infinite length tails and we set an $\ell^\infty$-infinite external source from one of the tails as the initial state. We showExpand
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Identification and functional analysis of brassicicene C biosynthetic gene cluster in Alternaria brassicicola.
The biosynthetic gene cluster of brassicicene C was identified in Alternaria brassicicola strain ATCC 96836 from genome database search. In vivo and in vitro study clearly revealed the function ofExpand
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