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The C2A domain in dysferlin is important for association with MG53 (TRIM72)
In skeletal muscle, Mitsugumin 53 (MG53), also known as muscle-specific tripartite motif 72, reportedly interacts with dysferlin to regulate membrane repair. To better understand the interactionsExpand
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Immunological studies on the relation between tonsil and pustulosis palmaris et plantaris.
In order to clarify the relationship between the tonsils and pustulosis palmaris et plantaris (PPP), immunological investigations were performed focusing on keratin and antikeratin antibody. AsExpand
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Spitz nevus of the palate. Report of a case.
A 4-year-old Japanese girl with a nonpigmented nodule on the anterior portion of the palate since birth is described. The overall microscopic appearance of the lesion was very similar to that ofExpand
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Specific assays for human alkaline phosphatase isozymes.
Specific assays for human intestinal and liver alkaline phosphatases were developed by use of isozyme specific monoclonal antibodies bound to paper discs. The assays are fast, specific and convenientExpand
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Pustulosis palmaris et plantaris. With reference to the cross-reactivity between tonsillar epithelium antigen and skin antigen.
Though it is well known that pustulosis palmaris et plantaris (PPP) is one of skin diseases caused by focal infection of the tonsils, its etiology remains unknown. The purpose of this study was toExpand
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Polynomial Time Inductive Inference of Regular Term Tree Languages from Positive Data
Term graphs are a kind of hypergraphs such that arbitrary graphs can be put to the place of their hyperedges. Each hyperedge in a term graph is labeled with a variable. A term graph is called regularExpand
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Preparation of discoid washed platelets by differential centrifugation.
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Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of serum pepsinogen I.
A hybridoma monoclonal antibody against human pepsinogen I was used to develop an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for pepsinogen I in serum. In the two-step competitive procedure using antimouseExpand
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Synthesis and structure-property relationships of 2,2'-bis(benzo[b]phosphole) and 2,2'-benzo[b]phosphole-benzo[b]heterole hybrid π systems.
The first comprehensive study of the synthesis and structure-property relationships of 2,2'-bis(benzo[b]phosphole)s and 2,2'-benzo[b]phosphole-benzo[b]heterole hybrid π systems is reported.Expand
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Heterogeneity of urinary albumin from diabetic patients.
A fundamental cause of diabetic microalbuminuria, heterogeneity of normal and diabetic urinary albumin was shown by affinity chromatography on Cibacron Blue F3GA. By changing the properties ofExpand
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