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Total synthesis of (-)-lepenine.
The first asymmetric total synthesis of lepenine has been accomplished, resulting in stereoselective construction of the unique hexacyclic system.
Total synthesis of (-)-conophylline and (-)-conophyllidine.
The first total synthesis of conophylline and its congener is reported, in a convergent route utilizing the Polonovski–Potier-type coupling reaction, which has the potential to be a lead compound in the development of novel drugs for cancer chemotherapy and for regeneration therapy used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus type 1.
New Odorless Protocols for the Synthesis of Aldehydes and Ketones from Thiol Esters
Dodecanethiol esters derived from odorless dodecanethiol proved to be suitable substrates for Pd-catalyzed reduction with triethylsilane, coupling with organozinc reagents, and coupling with terminal
Conversion of Vindoline into 11-Mesyloxytabersonine.
Conversion of readily available vindoline to 11-mesyloxytabersonine, a versatile synthetic intermediate for indole alkaloids, has been achieved by a 9-step sequence in 39% overall yield.
A novel indole synthesis via conjugate addition of pyrrolidine to o-nitrophenylacetylenes
A novel indole synthesis reaction by conjugate addition of pyrrolidine to o-nitrophenylacetylenes and subsequent reductive cyclization of o-nitroarylenamines was developed.