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Effects of Dry- and Wet-ageing on Flavor Compounds and Eating Quality of Low Fat Hanwoo Beef Muscles
  • Y. Ha, I. Hwang, +6 authors Soohyun Cho
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Food science of animal resources
  • 1 August 2019
Postmortem aging, especially the dry-aging method could be used to improve eating quality attributes (tenderness and flavor) of low fat beef muscles such as GM and SM. Expand
Nuptial Color Component of the Korean Rose Bitterling (Rhodeus uyekii)
The rose bitterling (Rhodeus uyekii), aboriginal fish of Korea, have beautiful nuptial colors on the body and fins in their spawning season, but nothing is known about the color composition of body colors of this species. Expand
Scanning Electronic Microscopy Examination for the Egg of Skin Parasite, Entobdella hippoglossi on the Commercially Important Culture Fish, the Atlantic Halibut, Hippoglossus hippoglossi
The buoy-like structures on the appendage of the eggs of E. hippoglossi in the present study were totally different from other sticky droplets and it is suggested that these structures are not stickyDroplets but buoys for floating eggs which have entwined together on the bottom of the sea. Expand
Growth of Sex Reversed Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus In a Closed Recirculating Culture System
The proportion of fish reaching a marketable size of over 800 g in body weight within 14 months were in the MT treated group and in the untreated group, and the proportion in the treated group was lower than those of both treated and untreated male groups. Expand
Host Finding Behavior of Oncomiracidium of Monogenean Parasite Entobdella hippoglossi from the Atlantic Halibut
The host finding behavior of Entobdella hippoglossi oncomiracidium, skin parasite of the Atlantic halibut was investigated and it was suggested that it may be one of the essential methods for host searching of the parasite. Expand