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Emodin, an anthraquinone derivative isolated from the rhizomes of Rheum palmatum, selectively inhibits the activity of casein kinase II as a competitive inhibitor.
Ser/Thr protein kinases play important roles in signal transduction pathways that control the proliferation and differentiation of eukaryotic cells. In this paper, we present evidence that emodin, anExpand
In vitro and in vivo antitumoral phenanthrenes from the aerial parts of Dendrobium nobile.
Two phenanthrenes were isolated from the aerial part of Dendrobium nobile Lindl. and their structures were identified to be 4,7-dihydroxy-2-methoxy-9,10-dihydrophenanthrene (1) and denbinobin (2),Expand
Ginsenoside Rh4, a genuine dammarane glycoside from Korean red ginseng.
A genuine glycoside, named ginsenoside Rh4, was isolated from Korean red ginseng (Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer) through repeated column chromatography, and its chemical structure was established to beExpand
Synergistic cooperation between water-soluble chitosan oligomers and interferon-gamma for induction of nitric oxide synthesis and tumoricidal activity in murine peritoneal macrophages.
The effects of water-soluble chitosan oligomers (WSCO) on the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) by murine peritoneal macrophages and on macrophage-mediated cytotoxicity towards murine fibrosarcoma MethExpand
Ginsenoside-Rh2 blocks the cell cycle of SK-HEP-1 cells at the G1/S boundary by selectively inducing the protein expression of p27kip1.
The mechanism of action by which ginsenoside-Rh2 (G-Rh2) suppresses the proliferation of SK-HEP-1 cells is reported. The results from flow cytometric analyses show that G-Rh2 arrested the cell cycleExpand
Ginsenoside Rf2, a new dammarane glycoside from Korean red ginseng (Panax ginseng)
A new dammarane glycoside named ginsenoside Rf2 has been isolated from Korean red ginseng (Panax ginseng) and its chemical structure has been elucidated as 6-O-[α-L-rhamnopyranosyl (1→2)Expand
Ginsenoside-Rg5 suppresses cyclin E-dependent protein kinase activity via up-regulating p21Cip/WAF1 and down-regulating cyclin E in SK-HEP-1 cells.
In the present study, we report that ginsenoside-Rg5 (G-Rg5), a newly discovered diol-containing ginsenoside, blocks the cell cycle of human hepatoma SK-HEP-1 cells via the down-regulation of cyclinExpand
Ginsenoside Rh2 induces apoptosis independently of Bcl-2, Bcl-xL or Bax in C6Bu-1 cells
In ginsenoside Rh2-treated rat glioma C6Bu-1 cells, apoptotic morphological changes, such as cell shrinkage, chromatin condensation and pyknosis were confirmed by means of electron microscopy. ToExpand
Ginsenoside-Rs3, a new diol-type ginseng saponin, selectively elevates protein levels of p53 and p21WAF1 leading to induction of apoptosis in SK-HEP-1 cells.
In this paper, we present evidence that Ginsenoside-Rs3 (G-Rs3), a new diol-type ginseng saponin isolated from the roots of Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer, efficiently arrests the cell cycle at the G1/SExpand
Inhibitory effect of bupleuri radix saponins on adhesion of some solid tumor cells and relation to hemolytic action: screening of 232 herbal drugs for anti-cell adhesion.
Anti-cell adhesive activity and hemolytic action of herbal drugs were investigated. Among 232 herbal drugs tested, six showed a remarkable anti-cell adhesive activity, and the extract from the rootsExpand