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Efficient adaptive transmission technique for LDPC coded OFDM cellular systems using multiple antennas
Introduction: Recently, orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) has been widely accepted as the most promising radio transmission technology for next generation wireless communicationExpand
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Optimal design of superplastic forming processes
Abstract A systematic method to find the optimal blank shape for sheet forming is proposed by combining numerical simulation and optimization technique. A weighting parameter is introduced in orderExpand
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Strong fuzzy hyperK-subalgebra
In this paper, we define a strong fuzzy hyperK-subalgebra and investigate between a strong fuzzy hyperK-subalgebra and a fuzzy hyperK-subalgebra. And then we give some properties of a weakExpand
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A Study on Minimization Method for Totla Error for Quality Control
Adjacent channel interference aware channel assignment scheme for WLANs
As the deployment of wireless devices becomes widespread, the performance reduction due to interference between wireless channels incur a new research issue. Thus, the channel assignment scheme forExpand
Design of binary LDPC code using cyclic shift matrices
Introduction: Over recent years, low density parity check (LDPC) codes have received much attention owing to their possibility of providing near Shannon-limit performance and relatively simpleExpand
A Design Study for 99Tc and 129I Transmutation in the HYPER System
Abstract A design study for the fission product (FP) target was performed to maximize the transmutation of 99Tc and 129I in the Hybrid Power Extraction Reactor (HYPER) system without causing any coreExpand
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