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Electro-optic characteristics of 4-domain vertical alignment nematic liquid crystal display with interdigital electrode
We have fabricated a vertically aligned 4-domain nematic liquid crystal display cell with thin film transistor. Unlike the conventional method constructing 4-domain, i.e., protrusion and surroundingExpand
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Growth, Ferroelectric Properties, and Phonon Modes of YMnO3 Single Crystal
YMnO 3 single crystals were grown by flux method and plate-like single crystals with the c-axis perpendicular to the surfaces were obtained. The maximum size of these crystals was about 2 x 2 x 0.07Expand
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Atomically flat single terminated oxide substrate surfaces
To achieve high quality epitaxial thin films and heterostructures of transition metal oxides with atomically controlled interfaces, one critical requirement is the use of atomically flat singleExpand
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A Highly Efficient Three-Stage Doherty Power Amplifier with Flat Gain for WCDMA Applications
A three-stage Doherty power amplifier (DPA) with a flat gain is represented. The driving amplifier at an input of peaking cells is used to achieve high efficiency and flat gain to control the inputExpand
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Selective A- or B-site single termination on surfaces of layered oxide SrLaAlO4
We demonstrate that thermal annealing in cation controlled environments is an effective means to obtain atomically flat and chemically single terminated surfaces of a layer structured substrate. TheExpand
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Strain-induced increase of dielectric constant in EuO thin film.
Recently, lattice dynamics of the highly strained europium monoxide, as a promising candidate for strong ferroelectric-ferromagnet material, applied in the next-generation storage devices, attractedExpand
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Observation of the coherent quasiparticle states in SrRu1–xIrxO3 films via polarization-dependent soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy
The electronic structures of SrRu 1 − xIr xO 3 films ( 0 ≤ x ≤ 1) have been investigated by employing polarization-dependent soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy. In SrIrO 3, the coherentExpand
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Progress on the Development of Fabrication Technology for the KO HCML TBM
Korea has proposed and designed a Helium Cooled Molten Lithium (HCML) Test Blanket Module (TBM) to be tested in the ITER, in which Ferrite Martensite steel (FMS) and Be were used as the structuralExpand