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A Probabilistic Approach to Syntax-based Reordering for Statistical Machine Translation
A novel, probabilistic approach to reordering which combines the merits of syntax and phrase-based SMT is proposed, which leads to BLEU improvement of 1.56% for the NIST MT-05 task of Chinese-toEnglish translation.
Automatically Generating Questions from Queries for Community-based Question Answering
Experimental results show that, the precision of 1-best and 5best generated questions is 67% and 61%, respectively, which outperforms a baseline method that directly retrieves questions for queries in a cQA site search engine.
CRFs based de-identification of medical records
WI-ENRE in CLEF eHealth Evaluation Lab 2015: Clinical Named Entity Recognition Based on CRF
A novel method to recognize clinical entities based on conditional random fields (CRF) based on WI-ENRE system, which is effective in the named entity recognition of biomedical texts.
ActivityHijacker: Hijacking the Android Activity Component for Sensitive Data
This paper has built "ActivityHijacker", an app that can detect the right moment to hijack the Activity component and intercept a user's password while it is being inputted in real time, and presents a mitigation mechanism that restricts the activity component to authorized apps.
Deep learning for named entity recognition on Chinese electronic medical records: Combining deep transfer learning with multitask bi-directional LSTM RNN
A novel multitask bi-directional RNN model combined with deep transfer learning is proposed as a potential solution of transferring knowledge and data augmentation to enhance NER performance with limited data.