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The neurology of syntax: Language use without Broca's area
  • Y. Grodzinsky
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Behavioral and Brain Sciences
  • 1 February 2000
A new view of the functional role of the left anterior cortex in language use is proposed. The experimental record indicates that most human linguistic abilities are not localized in this region. InExpand
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Tense and Agreement in Agrammatic Production: Pruning the Syntactic Tree
This paper discusses the description of agrammatic production focusing on the verbal inflectional morphology. Agrammatism in Hebrew is investigated through an experiment with a patient who displays aExpand
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The innateness of binding and coreference
Grimshaw and Rosen have recently argued that the standard binding theory, as formulated in the Governement-Binding(GR) framework is innate. Results indicating that children do not know theExpand
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Theoretical perspectives on language deficits
This critical history of research on acquired language deficits (aphasias) demonstrates the usefulness of linguistic analysis of aphasic syndrome for neuropsychology, linguistics, andExpand
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Children's Passive: A View from the By-Phrase
This article argues that children's difficulty with passive constructions is related to properties of the by-phrase. Specifically, we argue that children are in full control of all aspects of theExpand
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Language deficits and the theory of syntax
  • Y. Grodzinsky
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Brain and Language
  • 31 January 1986
A new structural account of agrammatism is proposed, which analyzes the deficit in terms of one current theory of syntax. First, the motivation for accounts of this kind is given. Then, a variety ofExpand
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A Restrictive Theory of Agrammatic Comprehension
In this paper I propose a new, restrictive theory of Trace-Deletion in agrammatism. This theory subsumes the Trace-Deletion Hypothesis (TDH; Grodzinsky, 1984a,b, 1986, 1990), which maintains thatExpand
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The Neural Reality of Syntactic Transformations
The functional anatomy of syntactic transformations, a major computational operation invoked in sentence processing, was identified through a functional magnetic resonance imaging investigation. AExpand
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The Breakdown of Binding Relations
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The battle for Broca’s region
The intense effort to characterize Broca's region has produced many views on its anatomy and function. Here, we present the leading approaches and consider ways to adjudicate among them empirically.Expand
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