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Efficient promoter cassettes for enhanced expression of foreign genes in dicotyledonous and monocotyledonous plants.
A series of chimeric promoters for higher-level expression of foreign genes in plants was constructed as fusions of a gene for beta-glucuronidase (GUS) with the terminator of a gene for nopalineExpand
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Characterization of two cDNAs that encode MAP kinase homologues in Arabidopsis thaliana and analysis of the possible role of auxin in activating such kinase activities in cultured cells.
Two cDNA clones, cATMPK1 and cATMPK2, encoding MAP kinases (mitogen-activated protein kinases) have been cloned from Arabidopsis thaliana and their nucleotide sequences have been determined. PutativeExpand
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The fission yeast pmk1+ gene encodes a novel mitogen-activated protein kinase homolog which regulates cell integrity and functions coordinately with the protein kinase C pathway.
We have isolated a gene, pmk1+, a third mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) gene homolog from the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. The predicted amino acid sequence shows the mostExpand
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Structural changes of silk fibroin membranes induced by immersion in methanol aqueous solutions
Structural changes of native and regenerated silk fibroin membranes were induced by immersion in water-methanol solutions and examined as a function of immersion time and methanol concentration.Expand
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Microtubule nucleating activity of centrosomes in cell-free extracts from Xenopus eggs: involvement of phosphorylation and accumulation of pericentriolar material.
We have studied the regulation of microtubule nucleating activity of the centrosome using cell-free extracts from Xenopus eggs. We found that the number of microtubules per centrosome increasesExpand
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Chemical structure and physical properties of antheraea assama silk
This work deals with the chemical composition, physical structure, and thermal behavior of Antheraea assama silk fibers. The amino acid composition is characterized by the high content of alanine,Expand
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Enhanced resistance to salt, cold and wound stresses by overproduction of animal cell death suppressors Bcl-xL and Ced-9 in tobacco cells - their possible contribution through improved function of
Overproduction of animal cell death suppressors Bcl-xL and Ced-9 conferred enhanced resistance to UV-B and paraquat treatment in tobacco plants [Mitsuhara et al. (1999) CURR: Biol. 9: 775]. We reportExpand
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Electron microscopic and cytochemical studies of the thrombocytes of the tortoise (Geoclemys reevesii).
The thrombocytes of the tortoise (Geoclemys reevesii) were studied at the electron microscopic level. The presence of a surface connected canalicular system, composed of numerous anastomosingExpand
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Characterization of two rice peroxidase promoters that respond to blast fungus-infection
Peroxidase (POX) genes consist of a large gene family possibly contributing to self-defense, however constitutive and stress-induced expression patterns of individual gene were poorly understood inExpand
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Further observations on carbendazim-induced abnormalities of spermatid morphology in rats.
The effects of a microtubule poison, carbendazim, on rat spermiogenesis were examined for abnormalities of nuclei, acrosome and manchette in round and elongating spermatids in Stages VII-XII on daysExpand
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