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Hopf point analysis for angiogenesis models
In this paper we present several ODE systems encoding the most essential observations and assumptions about the complex hierarchical inter- active processes of tumor neo-vascularizationExpand
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The universal properties of stem cells as pinpointed by a simple discrete model
Abstract. The ability of a few stem-cells to repopulate a severely damaged bone marrow (BM) guarantees the stability of our physical existence, and facilitates successful BM transplantations. WhatExpand
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The majority action on infinite graphs: strings and puppets
We show that an infinite (locally finite) graph displays the same behaviour locally, provided that the graph satisfies a certain condition which, roughly speaking, imposes an upper bound on the growth rate of the graph. Expand
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Tile the group
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The complex effect of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor on human granulopoiesis analyzed by a new physiologically-based mathematical model.
Neutropenia, frequently a side effect of chemo- and radiotherapy, increases susceptibility to microbial infections and is a life-threatening condition. For realistically predicting drug treatmentExpand
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Chapter 7 Multi-Scale Analysis of Angiogenic Dynamics and Therapy
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Walking reduces the post‐void residual volume in parturients with epidural analgesia for labor: a randomized‐controlled study
Background: The post‐void residual volume is higher among parturients who received epidural analgesia than those who received no or alternative analgesia.
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Estrada index and Chebyshev polynomials
Abstract Let G be a graph whose eigenvalues are λ 1 , λ 2 ,…, λ n . The Estrada index of G is equal to ∑ i = 1 n e λ i . We point out certain classes of graphs whose characteristic polynomials areExpand
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Improving Cancer Therapy by Doxorubicin and Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor: Insights from a Computerized Model of Human Granulopoiesis
Neutropenia is a significant dose-limiting toxicity of cancer chemotherapy, especially in dose-intensified regimens. It is widely treated by injections of Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating FactorExpand
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A Model for Pairs of Beatty Sequences
Beatty sequences ⌊mα1 + ϐ1※m∈ℤ are described by two athletes running in opposite directions on a round track; such sequences partition the integers essentially when the athletes have the same starting point. Expand
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