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The effects of an ion beam on the motion of solitons in an ion beam-plasma system
The effects of a finite temperature ion beam traversing a plasma on the motion and characteristics of ion acoustic solitons were investigated. The soliton's width and amplitude as deduced from aExpand
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Quark model and the magnetic moments of proton and neutron
SummaryIt is shown that in order to obtain agreement with experiment for the ratio of the proton to neutron magnetic moment within the framework of the nonrelativistic quark model, the nucleon waveExpand
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Stochastic ion heating by an electrostatic wave in a sheared magnetic field
Effects of the shear of the magnetic field on the stochastic acceleration of ions due to an electrostatic wave with a frequency in the lower‐hybrid range are considered. An appropriate HamiltonianExpand
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Ion acoustic solitons in the presence of density gradients
Abstract It is shown that density gradients may affect the behaviour of ion acoustic solitons in such a way that their amplitudes, velocities and widths are proportional to fractional powers of theExpand
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The operation of stochastic heating mechanisms in an electromagnetic standing wave configuration
The possibility of the operation of stochastic heating mechanisms of charged particles in a configuration consisting of a left‐handed circularly polarized standing electromagnetic wave and a uniformExpand
Stochastic generation of currents via beat-wave-lower-hybrid wave interaction
Abstract We propose to employ a high phase-velocity plasma wave excited by beating two high frequency laser pump waves for generating currents via a stochastic driving mechanism originating from aExpand
Drift solitons and their two-dimensional stability
The nonlinear equation governing low-frequency drift waves is considered. Utilizing the linear dispersion relation for such waves, it is shown that there exists a parameter range for which the driftExpand
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Transition from chaotic to regular motion via autoresonance entrainment
Abstract An analysis of the motion of a particle in a configuration consisting of two circularly polarized electromagnetic waves and a constant magnetic field is presented. From this analysis emergesExpand
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