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Location of the ostia of the renal arteries in the aorta
SummaryA total of 30 adult abdominal aorta specimens dissected from cadavers was used in our study. The location of the ostium of the superior mesenteric a. relative to the ostium of the celiac trunkExpand
The effect of posterior bridging of C-1 on craniovertebral junction surgery.
OBJECT The groove for the vertebral artery (VA) may be bridged on C-1, forming a canal through which the artery passes. Because this variant may significantly affect the commonly performed C-1Expand
Bilateral accessory flexor digitorium longus muscle in man.
An accessory muscle (flexor digitorum longus accessorius) was encountered in the deep posterior compartment of both legs of a 57-year-old male cadaver. The muscle originated with two heads from theExpand
Variant innervation of the coracobrachialis muscle and unusual course of the musculocutaneous nerve in man.
During the educational gross anatomy dissections of the upper extremities of 60 embalmed cadavers in our laboratory, the coracobrachialis muscle was found to be innervated by a nerve branch arisingExpand
Anomalous insertional slip of latissimus dorsi muscle: arcus axillaris
SummaryAn anomalous muscular slip arising from the latissimus dorsi m. was encountered on the right side of a male cadaver during a dissection in our laboratory. The slip left the muscular part ofExpand
Some variations of the brachial plexus in man
Four unusual unilateral distributions of the brachial plexus, observed on 71 cadavers in the last four years, are reported. In the first case median nerve contributes to musculocutaneus nerve in twoExpand
Differences of the Anterior Segment Parameters in Children with Down Syndrome
Abstract Purpose: The study was undertaken to investigate whether anterior segment findings are different in children with Down syndrome (DS) to normal children and to focus on its clinicalExpand
Coincidence of bilateral hypogenesis and unilateral agenesis of the turbinates (conchae nasales) in man.
OBJECTIVE In a work concerning the anatomy of the ostiomeatal complex, an interesting variation was encountered. The head of a male cadaver was cut midsagittally, and the lateral nasal wall wasExpand
Medicinal plant extract (Ankaferd Blood Stopper) application in deep tissue injuries in rats: histopathological investigation of the effect on regional and systemic tissues.
BACKGROUND This study was planned to evaluate both the histopathological changes under light microscope as well as the systemic organ effects following application of Ankaferd Blood Stopper® (ABS) (aExpand
High origin of gonadal arteries associated with other variations.
In two cases, one male and one female, the gonadal arteries, together with accessory renal arteries, originated from the abdominal aorta at a higher level than normal. The variation was bilateral inExpand