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Effect of excess vitamin A on acid mucopolysaccharides in rat liver.
Oral administration of excess vitamin A caused a marked decrease of acid mucopolysaccharides in rat liver, but a reduction of chondroitin sulfates A and C was also noticed with prolonged administration. Expand
The experimental study on humoral regulatory factors on portal circulation (II)
Hepatic extraction of x31I-MiAA seems to be a useful index of hepatic circulation, since the measurement is relatively simple and there is significant correlation between extraction of 131I- MiAA and x4C-galactose. Expand
Study on pathogenesis of esophagitis (IV) experimental esophagitis by gastric juice of Shay’s rat
Findings suggest the incidence of esophagit is increases as pH of the gast r ic juice become lower and as the concentra t ion of pepsin becomes higher. Expand
An attempt of cancer chemotherapy combined with lysosomal labilizer
General lectures (II)