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Effect of crease depth and crease deviation on folding deformation characteristics of coated paperboard
Abstract Paperboard die cutting, which includes creasing, is a production technique widely spread in many fields such as foods, stationery packaging. For the improvement of productivity or theExpand
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Assisting Electrode Method for Machining Insulating Ceramics
Abstract This paper deals with a new method of machining insulating ceramics by EDM. In this method, a metal plate or metal mesh is arranged on the surface of ceramic insulator as an assistingExpand
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Some Considerations to Machining Characteristics of Insulating Ceramics-Towards Practical Use in Industry-
Abstract Machining of insulating ceramics can be realized in EDM by using the assisting electrode method. After a tool electrode cuts through the assisting electrode, a carbon layer covers theExpand
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Contagious equine metritis: isolation of haemophilus equigenitalis from horses with endometritis in Japan.
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Three-dimensional machining of insulating ceramics materials with electrical discharge machining
The insulating ceramics were processed with sinking and wire cut electrical discharge machining(EDM). The new technology was named as the assisting electrode method. In the machining, the electricalExpand
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Layer Generation Process on Work-piece in Electrical Discharge Machining
Abstract In recant years, surface modification of metals and machining of insulating ceramics by electrical discharge machining (EDM) have been successfully carried out. In surface modification byExpand
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Effects of the Edm Combined Ultrasonic Vibration on the Machining Properties of Si3N4
The authors have previously performed numerous experiments on the machining of insulating materials using the assisting electrode method. However, the machining performance was inferior to that ofExpand
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The Electronic System for the ASTRO-E X-ray Detector
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Machining phenomena in WEDM of insulating ceramics
Abstract Recently, an electrical discharge machining (EDM) method of insulating ceramics was proposed by the authors. This paper describes the arbitrary shape machining method of Si 3 N 4 insulatingExpand
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Effect of electrode material on electrical discharge machining of alumina
Abstract Technologies for machining advanced insulating ceramics are demanded in many industrial fields. Recently, several insulating ceramics, such as Si 3 N 4 , SiC and ZrO 2 , have beenExpand
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