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Comparative effects of DL, D and L-3-pyridylalanine on serotonin concentration and tryptophan-serotonin metabolizing enzymes.
DL and L-3-PA hardly affected the activities of L-tryptophan 5-hydroxylase, 5-Hydroxy-L-tiptophan decarboxylase and monoamine oxidase in the brain, and the results suggest that the action of DL- 3-PA is due to L-2-PA, not D-3 -PA.
Effect of combined administration of tryptophan with putative tryptophan pyrrolase inhibitors, DL-3-pyridylalanine, allopurinol or nicotinamide, on brain serotonin concentration.
The data suggest that 3-PA would increase the therapeutic effect of tryptophan given to treat depressive illness, but that allopurinol and nicotinamide would not be suitable drugs for this purpose.
Calcium release from membrane-bound calcium pool induced by ACTH.
  • Y. Fukumoto
  • Biology, Chemistry
    International journal of clinical pharmacology…
  • 1 May 1982
Results suggest that ACTH induced the promoted release of Ca2+ from the plasma membrane-bound Ca pool into cytosol, showing an evident difference in the Ca2- dependence of the lipolytic actions of ACTH and epinephrine.