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Preparation of Lipid Nanoemulsions Incorporating Curcumin for Cancer Therapy
Results demonstrated the successful incorporation of curcumin into lipid nanoemulsion particles with small particle size, high loading capacity, good physical stability, and preserved cytotoxicity.
Chitosan-Gadopentetic Acid Complex Nanoparticles for Gadolinium Neutron-Capture Therapy of Cancer: Preparation by Novel Emulsion-Droplet Coalescence Technique and Characterization
Gd-nanoCPs might be useful as an i.t. injectable device for gadolinium neutron-capture therapy and their ability for long-term retention of Gd-DTPA in the tumor indicated that.
Adsorption of methyl orange onto chitosan from aqueous solution.
Chitosan was utilized as adsorbent to remove methyl orange (MO) from aqueous solution by adsorption. Batch experiments were conducted to study the effects of pH, initial concentration of adsorbate
Preparation of gadopentetic acid-loaded chitosan microparticles for gadolinium neutron-capture therapy of cancer by a novel emulsion-droplet coalescence technique.
Gd-microCPs could be a useful device for intratumoral injection into solid tumor on Gd-NCT by a novel emulsion-droplet coalescence technique and the loss of gamma-ray emission by gadolinium-loading in microparticle was negligible in the thermal neutron irradiation test in vitro.