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CYP306A1, a Cytochrome P450 Enzyme, Is Essential for Ecdysteroid Biosynthesis in the Prothoracic Glands of Bombyx and Drosophila*
An uncharacterized cytochrome P450 gene is described that is essential for ecdysteroid biosynthesis in the PGs of the silkworm Bombyx mori and fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster and it is demonstrated that S2 cells transfected with Cyp306a1 convert ketodiol to ketotriol via carbon 25 hydroxylation. Expand
Angiotensin converting enzyme-inhibitory triterpenes from Ganoderma lucidum.
The 70% MeOH extract of Ganoderma lucidum had an inhibitory effect on angiotensin converting enzyme activity, and from this extract, five new triterpenes, named ganoderal A, ganoderols A and B, andExpand
Geranylated flavanones from the secretion on the surface of the immature fruits of Paulownia tomentosa.
Chemical investigation of the methanol extract of the viscous secretion on the surface of immature fruits of Paulownia tomentosa furnished nine geranylated flavanones, including 6-geranyl-5,7-dihydroxy-3',4'-dimethoxyflavanone, which showed potent radical scavenging effects towards DPPH radicals. Expand
Anti-herbivore structures of Paulownia tomentosa: morphology, distribution, chemical constituents and changes during shoot and leaf development.
Changes in the small structures during leaf development suggested that leaves of P. tomentosa are primarily protected by glandular hairs and dendritic trichomes at young stages and by the EFNs at mature stages. Expand
Salacianone and salacianol, two triterpenes from Salacia beddomei
Abstract Two new lupane triterpenes, salacianone (lup-20(29)-en-3,21-dione) and salacianol (21β-hydroxylup-20(29)-en-3-one), have been isolated from the hexane extract of the stem bark of SalaciaExpand
Non-molting glossy/shroud encodes a short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase that functions in the ‘Black Box’ of the ecdysteroid biosynthesis pathway
A novel ecdysteroidgenic gene, non-molting glossy (nm-g)/shroud (sro), which encodes a short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase, which is concluded that the Nm-g/Sro family protein is an essential enzyme for ecdysoneogenesis working in the Black Box. Expand
Clerodane and ent-halimane diterpenes from polyalthia longifolia
Abstract A hexane extract of the stem bark of Polyalthia longifolia furnished nine new clerodane and ent -halimane diterpenes, i.e. 16-hydroxycleroda-4(18),13-dien-16,15-olide, 16-oxocleroda-4(18),13Expand