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Diversity of Bacteria and Archaea associated with a carbonate-rich metalliferous sediment sample from the Rainbow vent field on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
Two sediment cores were collected in an inactive area of the deep-sea hydrothermal vent field Rainbow (36 degrees N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge). Metals and carbonates were abundant throughout theExpand
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Nickel Isotope Variations in Terrestrial Silicate Rocks and Geological Reference Materials Measured by MC-ICP-MS
Although initial studies have demonstrated the applicability of Ni isotopes for cosmochemistry and as a potential biosignature, the Ni isotope composition of terrestrial igneous and sedimentaryExpand
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Bioaccumulation of Hg, Cu, and Zn in the Azores triple junction hydrothermal vent fields food web.
In this work, mercury (Hg), copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) concentrations and tissue distribution are determined in seven benthic invertebrates species (the key species) from the Mid Atlantic Ridge (MAR)Expand
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Novel uncultured Epsilonproteobacteria dominate a filamentous sulphur mat from the 13 degrees N hydrothermal vent field, East Pacific Rise.
Rapid growth of microbial sulphur mats have repeatedly been observed during oceanographic cruises to various deep-sea hydrothermal vent sites. The microorganisms involved in the mat formation haveExpand
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Comparison of microbial communities associated with three Atlantic ultramafic hydrothermal systems.
The distribution of Archaea and methanogenic, methanotrophic and sulfate-reducing communities in three Atlantic ultramafic-hosted hydrothermal systems (Rainbow, Ashadze, Lost City) was compared usingExpand
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Deep Marine Mineral Resources
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High-resolution imaging of sulfur oxidation states, trace elements, and organic molecules distribution in individual microfossils and contempo rary microbial filaments
Abstract Owing to the delicate nature of fossil microorganisms and inherent difficulties for discriminating true fossils from artifacts, an important challenge is to extract unequivocal biogenicExpand
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Hardware Measurement Techniques for High-Speed Networks
The utilization of the inherent bandwidth in high-speed networks is often obstructed by the implementation of the protocols. Expand
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ATM Performance Measurement
ATM is seen by many users today as a solution to networks with bandwidth limitation. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the amount of communication bandwidth actually available to applicationsExpand
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Novel unculturedEpsilonproteobacteria dominatea ¢ lamentous sulphurmat fromthe 13 1 N hydrothermalvent ¢ eld , EastPaci ¢ cRise
sulphurmat fromthe131N hydrothermalvent¢eld, EastPaci¢cRise Hélène Moussard, Erwan Corre, Marie-Anne Cambon-Bonavita, Yves Fouquet & Christian Jeanthon Laboratoire de Microbiologie des EnvironnementsExpand