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LSST Science Book, Version 2.0
A survey that can cover the sky in optical bands over wide fields to faint magnitudes with a fast cadence will enable many of the exciting science opportunities of the next decade. The Large SynopticExpand
The sizes, shapes, albedos, and colors of cometary nuclei
05.12. Cornell Univ., Ithaca, New York. Toth I., Lamy P. L., and Weaver H. A. (2003) Hubble Space Tele- scope observations of the nucleus fragment 73P/Schwassmann- Wachmann 3-B. Bull. Am. Astron.Expand
Spitzer Spectral Observations of the Deep Impact Ejecta
Spitzer Space Telescope imaging spectrometer observations of comet 9P/Tempel 1 during the Deep Impact encounter returned detailed, highly structured, 5- to 35-micrometer spectra of the ejecta.Expand
The Albedo Distribution of Jovian Trojan Asteroids
We present radiometrically derived V-band geometric albedos and effective radii for 32 Jovian Trojan asteroids, using near-simultaneous mid-infrared and visible observations. We sampled the large endExpand
Water ice and organics on the surface of the asteroid 24 Themis
It has been suggested that Earth’s current supply of water was delivered by asteroids, some time after the collision that produced the Moon (which would have vaporized any of the pre-existing water).Expand
We present a new investigation of the comet-asteroid transition object 133P/(7968) Elst-Pizarro. We find mean optical colors (BV =0 .69� 0.02, VR =0 .42� 0.03, RI =0 .27� 0.03) and a phase-darkeningExpand
Physical Properties of the Nucleus of Comet 2P/Encke
Abstract We report a new study of the nucleus of Comet 2P/Encke, which the CONTOUR spacecraft is scheduled to encounter in November 2003. During the comet's close approach to Earth in July 1997, weExpand
Albedos of Small Jovian Trojans
We present thermal observations of 44 Jovian Trojan asteroids with diameters D ranging from 5 to 24 km. All objects were observed at a wavelength of 24 μm with the Spitzer Space Telescope.Expand
Thermal Properties of Centaurs Asbolus and Chiron
We have measured the mid-infrared thermal continua from two Centaurs, inactive (8405) Asbolus and active 95P = (2060) Chiron, and have constrained their geometric albedos, p, and effective radii, R,Expand
The Volatile Composition of Comet 17P/Holmes after Its Extraordinary Outburst
The volatile abundances in comet 17P/Holmes were measured on three dates (UT 2007 October 27.6 and 31.3 and November 2.3) using high-dispersion (λ/Δ λ ~ 2.5 × 104) infrared spectroscopy with NIRSPECExpand