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Magnetic storms and magnetotail currents
The magnetospheric magnetic field is highly time-dependent and may have explosive changes (magnetospheric substorms and geomagnetic storms) accompanied by significant energy input into theExpand
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Electric potential patterns in the northern and southern polar regions parameterized by the interplanetary magnetic field
Electric potential patterns have been obtained from the IZMIRAN electrodynamic model (IZMEM) for the northern and southern polar regions during summer, winter, and equinox. The model is derived fromExpand
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Dynamics of auroral belt and polar geomagnetic disturbances
Using IGY-IGC all-sky camera films from many stations, the width and location of the auroral belt are determined. The positions of the edges are defined, at 15-min intervals, for different times ofExpand
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The auroral luminosity structure in the high-latitude upper atmosphere: Its dynamics and relationship to the large-scale structure of the Earth's magnetosphere
The concept of the auroral oval was proposed independently by Feldstein and by Khorosheva in the early 1960's, and it has since been widely used as a reference frame for the organization ofExpand
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Modelling of the magnetic field of magnetospheric ring current as a function of interplanetary medium parameters
The models are examined which are proposed elsewhere for describing the magnetic field dynamics in ring-currentDR during magnetic storms on the basis of the magnetospheric energy balance equation.Expand
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Observations in the vicinity of substorm onset: Implications for the substorm process
Multi-instrument data sets from the ground and satellites at both low and high altitude have provided new results concerning substorm onset and its source region in the magnetosphere. Twenty-six outExpand
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Dynamic model of the magnetosphere: Case study for January 9–12, 1997
The dynamics of the magnetospheric current systems are studied in the course of the specific magnetospheric disturbance on January 9–12, 1997, caused by the interaction of the Earth's magnetosphereExpand
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Magnetic field variations in the polar region during magnetically quiet periods and interplanetary magnetic fields
The concepts of near-pole magnetic field variations during magnetically quiet periods are explored, with special emphasis on the relationships of these variations to interplanetary magnetic fieldExpand
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Modeling of geomagnetic field during magnetic storms and comparison with observations
This paper discusses: (a) development of the dynamic paraboloid magnetospheric (eld model, (b) application of this model for the evaluation of a variety of magnetospheric current systems and theirExpand
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Aurorae and the Large-Scale Structure of the Magnetosphere
An attempt is made to construct a road map for translating various plasma domains in the magnetosphere to their counterparts in the auroral ionosphere. Results of previous work have allowed much toExpand
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