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Helios: a hybrid electrical/optical switch architecture for modular data centers
The basic building block of ever larger data centers has shifted from a rack to a modular container with hundreds or even thousands of servers. Delivering scalable bandwidth among such containers isExpand
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Integrating microsecond circuit switching into the data center
Recent proposals have employed optical circuit switching (OCS) to reduce the cost of data center networks. However, the relatively slow switching times (10--100 ms) assumed by these approaches, andExpand
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Engineered materials for all-optical helicity-dependent magnetic switching.
The possibility of manipulating magnetic systems without applied magnetic fields have attracted growing attention over the past fifteen years. The low-power manipulation of the magnetization,Expand
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All-optical control of ferromagnetic thin films and nanostructures: Competition between polarized light and applied magnetic field
The interplay of light and magnetism has been a topic of interest since the original observations of Faraday and Kerr where magnetic materials affect the light polarization. While these effects haveExpand
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Thresholdless nanoscale coaxial lasers
The effects of cavity quantum electrodynamics (QED), caused by the interaction of matter and the electromagnetic field in subwavelength resonant structures, have been the subject of intense researchExpand
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Thermal and Kerr nonlinear properties of plasma-deposited silicon nitride/ silicon dioxide waveguides.
We introduce and present experimental evaluations of loss and nonlinear optical response in a waveguide and an optical resonator, both implemented with a silicon nitride/ silicon dioxide materialExpand
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High-resolution surface plasmon resonance sensor based on linewidth-optimized nanohole array transmittance.
A high spectral resolution, 2D nanohole-array-based surface plasmon resonance sensor that operates at normal or near normal incidence--facilitating high spatial resolution imaging--is presented. TheExpand
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Gain assisted propagation of surface plasmon polaritons on planar metallic waveguides.
The propagation of surface plasmon polaritons on metallic waveguides adjacent to a gain medium is considered. It is shown that the presence of the gain medium can compensate for the absorption lossesExpand
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Security of quantum cryptography against individual attacks
An attempt to eavesdrop on a quantum cryptographic channel reveals itself through errors it inevitably introduces into the transmission. We investigate the relationship between the induced error rateExpand
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Optofluidics: Fundamentals, Devices, and Applications
Cutting-Edge Optofluidics Theories, Techniques, and Practices Add novel functionalities to your optical design projects by incorporating state-of-the-art microfluidic technologies and tools.Expand
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