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The Conduct of Hostilities under the Law of International Armed Conflict
1. The general framework 2. Lawful combatancy 3. Prohibited weapons 4. Lawful targets of attack 5. Protection from attack of civilians and civilian objects 6. Measures of special protection fromExpand
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War, Aggression and Self-Defence
This new edition is fully revised and updated following recent international incidents and the end of the Cold War.
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The International Law of Belligerent Occupation
The customary law of belligerent occupation goes back to the Hague and Geneva Conventions. Recent instances of such occupation include Iraq, the former Yugoslavia, the Congo and Eritrea. But theExpand
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Equality and Discrimination under International Law.
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Non-International Armed Conflicts in International Law
1. The framework 2. The preconditions of a NIAC 3. Thresholds and interaction of armed conflicts 4. Insurgent armed groups and individuals 5. Foreign intervention in a NIAC 6. Recognition 7. StateExpand
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War, Aggression and Self-Defence by Yoram Dinstein
Yoram Dinstein’s seminal textbook is an essential guide to the legal issues of war and peace, armed attack, self-defence and enforcement measures taken under the aegis of the Security Council. ThisExpand
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Collective Human Rights of Peoples and Minorities
MOST international rights are conferred by international law on corporate entities. First and foremost among these entities are States, but international rights are also enjoyed (when certainExpand
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Models of autonomy
In response to the Camp David Framework for Peace in the Middle East, which specified that transitional arrangements for the West Bank and Gaza be based on full autonomy for the inhabitants, theExpand
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The ICRC Customary International Humanitarian Law Study
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